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Depressed After Break Up? 6 Ways to Make Him Want You Back


Depressed After Break Up? How to Make Him Want You Back

If you’re depressed after break up and hoping to get your ex boyfriend back, you’re probably making mistakes that will bite you in the ass. Are you coming off as needy? Doing things you wouldn’t normally do? Begging, pleading, drunk dialing, and crying on his voicemail? Humiliating yourself in the name of love?

Girlfriend, it has to stop!!! No matter how depressed you feel inside, looking desperate will only make it worse. We’ve all been there though, so don’t beat yourself up about it. The important thing is to change what you do from now on. Of course, that isn’t easy, but you’re here to learn how to come out on top.

When you think of going back to desperate antics, just remember that it will push him farther away. It will make him see you as a sad, needy doormat–someone he either wants to walk all over or walk away from. You don’t want that, right?

First things first, we must change your goal. Instead of trying to get him back, your goal is now to make him want you back.  There’s a big difference.

How To Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back After Break Up…

Not only will the following techniques help you get back together with your ex boyfriend; they will help you maintain your self-respect and earn his respect too. They will make you, and your relationship, stronger than ever. Let’s get started.

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