Having Love in Your Relationships

Your relationship should make you feel complete. It should make you feel whole and happy.

What is A Relationship?

A relationship is being with a partner that you want to spend your time with. You will want to put effort into the relationship and you will want to show them that you love them.

Saying “I love you,” to someone can change their whole life and there is nothing better than meeting someone and falling in love with them. They will take over your every thought and your feelings.

Relationships are both good and bad, some work and some don’t. We usually know right away if we are in a relationship that is good for us.

Why Does a Good Relationship Make You Whole?

Being in a good relationship can make you whole. This is someone that you will turn to for all of your needs and you will commit to spending the rest of your life loving them. They bring you peace and happiness.

Being in a healthy relationship means:

  • You have someone to share your life with.
  • You share the good and the bad things that happen to you.
  • You make strong memories.
  • Enjoy being intimate with them.
  • Have a sense of purpose.
  • Have someone that will be with you until you are old.
  • Will have a family.
  • They will be your best friend.
  • They will show you love and support.
  • Helps you to have less stress and anxiety.

Having a Good Relationship

Being in love and having a good relationship is a great thing. You will share your feelings and emotions with this person, and you will see that your life can be amazing. Here are some ways that you can have a good relationship with someone you love:

  • Communicate with them always.
  • Be honest.
  • Always listen to what they have to say.
  • Work hard to make the relationship work.
  • Make the relationship number one in your life.
  • Don’t be fake.
  • Have respect and demand respect.
  • Set boundaries. Everyone needs to have boundaries.
  • Make sure you are happy.
  • If something isn’t right, figure out what it is and fix it.
  • Show love and affection each day.
  • Do not try to change who they are.
  • Help them to know why they need you.
  • Know who they are and understand what they value in life.
  • When you get mad, don’t yell.
  • Try to not be angry.
  • Accept that times will be hard sometimes.
  • Do not let your feelings stay hidden, talk about them.
  • Do not retaliate when you get mad.
  • Learn to trust your partner.
  • Do not criticize them.
  • Have fun.
  • Be playful.
  • Know that you both have different needs, learn to understand them.
  • Be independent and know your own happiness.
  • Be the best friend you can be.
  • Talk to them and tell them secrets.
  • Trust them.
  • Be a team with them.
  • Give them space when they need time alone.
  • Tell them when something isn’t working for you.
  • Have time to give them.
  • Do small things for each other.
  • Allow your partner to be different than you.
  • Do not have secrets from them.
  • Respect whatever decisions they make.
  • Make sacrifices to help them.
  • Accept that they are not perfect.
  • Don’t be clingy or obsessive.
  • Let them rely on you.
  • Focus on what you love the most about them.
  • Do not be insecure when you fight.
  • Keep your negative thoughts in check.
  • Be happy when they go out of their way for you.
  • Do exciting adventures together.
  • Forgive them always.
  • Be faithful and true.
  • Always learn to have fun.
  • Tell them what you love most about them.
  • Don’t ignore them.
  • Learn to love their family and friends.
  • Don’t roll your eyes at them.
  • Know your own flaws.
  • Know when things are good that it is great but when they aren’t, there is a way to fix them.
  • Do not bring up the past.
  • Make goals together.
  • Have plans for the future.
  • Know that they have good intentions for you.
  • Play with them.
  • Be romantic.
  • Keep things in bed exciting.
  • If things get really bad, talk to someone that can help.

When Things Don’t Work?

When you are in love and things are failing, you need to know that there should still be respect and love. Time is the only things that can heal a relationship that is going sour.

If you have true love, you will see that you can work through anything. If you want to be single and you don’t want to work hard, then being in a relationship will not work for you.

Learn to have fun, work through your problems and be happy with your partner.

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