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How to Deal With a Break Up and Heal a Broken Heart

“Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.” ~Edna St. Vincent Millay

Dealing with a break up is no joke.  When your relationship falls apart and you find yourself missing the one you love, the pain is indescribable. It gnaws at you all day and then eats away at you even more viciously during the night. You yearn for his or her touch, waiting on the phone to ring, wondering if they miss you the same.  Clearly, there is no pain like that of a broken heart.

So, what is the best way to deal with a break up.  What should you do when your ex says good bye? Should you give up? Should you try to forget, drink yourself into oblivion, or maybe even become a stalker?

The answer is not the same for every situation, but you should really avoid doing anything hasty. That includes, not being too quick to decide whether you can’t or can save your relationship.

Before you give up all hope, act out irrationally, or pick up the phone to pour out your heart- do yourself a big favor: Look within to see what wounds need to be healed.

Chances are, you aren’t just hurting because of this break up. The current disappointment likely hurts so bad because it brings up painful memories and feelings from your past. A broken relationship may trigger feelings of abandonment and loss that you thought were resolved long ago.

No matter how strong you are, it is devastating to experience the compounded heartache that exists when a fresh break up adds to the unhealed wounds of yesteryear.  Doesn’t that make you realize how important it is to fully deal with your problems when they happen.  Why bring baggage from past relationships, or even baggage from childhood, into present relationships? If you want to prevent a future break up instead of repeatedly dealing with break ups, it’s time to stop the ugly cycle.

Instead of focusing on the current break up with your ex back, focus on how to feel better about yourself. Focus on healing your broken heart, not just from this heartache, but from all unresolved pain. Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself and see the best in you.  Then and only then will you attract relationships that reflect the love that you deserve.

Looking for a quick fix?  This site offers plenty of tips to help with the current pain, but I also want you to concentrate on long term solutions.

Once you deal with your own baggage, you’ll be better prepared to decide if what you really want is to get back with your ex.  Moreover, your ex is likely to be more receptive to getting back together after seeing the positive changes you’ve made.

A Breaking Up Song List: 50 Top Break Up Songs for Anyone Who’s Had a Broken Heart

If you’re looking for the top break up songs about love gone wrong, you’ve found them with this song list.

No matter what you want in a breaking up song, this compilation of songs about love gone astray is sure to have something for you.  It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, what genre you prefer, how angry or hurt you are.  There is a heartbreak song here for you.

Of course, there are plenty of sad breakup songs about wallowing in your sorrows.  But this breaking up song list doesn’t stop there.  Much of what you find here will inspire you to move on while reminding you that you aren’t the only one experiencing the pain of a broken heart. If you’re tired of feeling sad and you’re looking for empowering, happy break up songs; I’ve got you covered with that too.

You’ll find break up songs for girls and guys, young and old.  There’s mad break up songs to help vent your frustration and positive break up songs to help you move on.  There’s rock and country breakup songs, oldies, top 100, and R and B break up songs.

There are 50 to choose from, so you’ll find the break up songs best for your situation.  What more could you ask for???

Breaking Up Song List

1. Since You’ve Been Gone… Kelly Clarkson (empowering break up song)

2. Misery … Maroon 5

3. Call Tyrone … Erykah Badu (mad breakup song)

4. Angel… Aerosmith

5. You Oughta Know … Alanis Morisette (a super mad breakup song)

6. Here Without You… 3 Doors Down

7. Don’t Speak… No Doubt

8. If You Think You’re Lonely Now… Bobby Womack (remade by Jodeci)

9. You Had Me… Joss Stone

10. Irreplaceable… Beyonce (empowering break up song)

11. Say Goodbye… Chris Brown

12. Emotional Roller Coaster… Vivian Green

13. If We Ever Loved at All… Faith Hill & Tim McGraw (country breakup song)

14. Where Do We Go From Here … Deborah Cox

15. Papers… Usher

16. Come Back to Me… Janet Jackson

17. Half Crazy … Musiq (sad love song for having a hard time moving on)

18. Over It… Katharine McPhee

19. What Goes Around Comes Around… Justin Timberlake (revenge/bitter breakup song)

20. Vanishing… Mariah Carey

21. Nothing Compares to You… Sinead O’Connor

22. A Song for Your Tears … Javier (a sad break up song when you’re the one saying goodbye)

23. I’ll Never Stop Loving You  Cher

24. Cry Me a River  Justin Timberlake (mad breakup song)

25. Too Late to Apologize … 3 Doors Down

26. Epiphany … Chrisette Michelle (breaking up song for when someone has hurt you)

27. Bruno Mars … When You’re Lonely

28. Run to You  Whitney Houston (a song about wanting the ex)

29. The Best You Never Had  Leona Lewis

30. Seven Whole Days  Toni Braxton (sad breakup song)

31. Blame It On Me  Chrisette Michele

32. Better Than Me  Hinder

33. Don’t Think About It  Darius Rucker (country break up song)

34. Ex Factor … Lauryn Hill

35. Nothing Left to Say… Mint Condition (90s R and B breakup song)

36. The Way That I Love You  Ashanti

37. You Lost Me… Christina Aguilera

38. A Little Bit Stronger… Sara Evans (breaking up song about healing)

39. Too Little Too Late… JoJo

40. Gives you hell … All American rejects (revenge/mad breakup song)

41. Trouble… Cold Play

42. Everything Back But You… Avril Lavigne

43. On My Own… Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald (breaking up song from the oldies)

44. Letoya  Torn

45. Leave the Pieces  The Wreckers

46. Falling… Alicia Keys (breaking up song about how hard it is to let go)

47. Tattoo  Jordin Sparks

48. Let it burn … Usher (breaking up song from guy to girl)

49. Cold  Crossfade

50. Good Riddance  Green Day