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How to Make a Man Fall For You – 11 Simple Tips

So you want to make a man fall for you, huh?  You’ve come to the right place.  I know how good it feels to be in the company of a guy you’re crazy about.  Whether you’re dating him or trapped in the “friend zone”, it can be frustrating when the relationship isn’t moving to the next level.

You enjoy being in his company and he seems to like you, but you’re the only one falling in love.  Well, believe it or not, men really aren’t as complicated as we make them out to be.  Once you understand the qualities most men love in a woman, you’ll know exactly how to make a man fall for you.

11 Ways to Make a Man Fall For You

1. Give him space. Nothing runs a guy away faster than a woman who tries to smother him.  If you want to make a man fall for you, don’t get on his nerves.  This is hard for a lot of women who expect to spend every waking moment talking to or spending time with Mr. Wonderful.  Men love women who give them room to breathe.

2. Keep your legs closed. This is along the same lines as respecting yourself.  If you have sex with a man before he truly gets to know you, he’s far more likely to lose interest in getting to know you.  It’s like that old saying, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.  If you sleep with a man who has no feelings for you, he no longer sees any reason to allow feelings to develop.  He may worry that you will give yourself to anyone just as easily as you gave yourself to him.  Love yourself and respect your body enough to save it for a man who falls in love with you.  If he won’t commit to a loving relationship with you, he doesn’t deserve to experience the pleasures of your body.

3. Be his friend. If a man doesn’t initially seem interested in you, just be a good friend to him.  This will give him a chance to get to know more about you than how you look.  Maybe you have green eyes, but he likes brown eyes.  Maybe he prefers a different body type, hair length, or style of dress.  It makes no sense to change who you are on the outside just to reel him in.  That would only make you look desperate.  You want to make a man fall for you because of who you truly are.  Spend time with him, find out what he’s really like, and allow him to get to know you without strings attached.  If you are compatible, his love for you as his friend may eventually turn into the romantic love that you crave.

4. Listen to him. Men are often taught to talk less and do more, so they don’t open up as easily as women.  However, most guys secretly desire to have someone that they feel comfortable talking to.  When he opens up just a little, don’t bombard him with questions or comments. Don’t judge him or try to out-talk him.  Just listen.  With your body language, let him know that you enjoy listening to him and that you are someone he can safely confide in.  The more he opens up to you, the more you know that he sees you in a different light than he sees most people.  You’re earning his love and trust.  Keep it up and he will surely fall for you.

5. Let him be himself. Sometimes it really does seem that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  We are so very different.  However, a man loves a woman who will accept him for who he is. He may do or say stupid guy things, but women do silly chic things.  He may not operate in the way you think is best, but you don’t function his way either.  Pick your battles wisely instead of chronically complaining and trying to change him.  He wants to be with a woman who allows him to be at peace with himself, flaws and all.

6. Take cues. If you want a guy to fall for you, don’t rush things.  Avoid scaring him away by taking cues from him as the relationship progresses.  Instead of calling him every time you want to talk, wait on him to call you sometimes.  When you do call him, notice whether he seems enthusiastic, annoyed, or indifferent.  If he rushes you off the phone after 10 minutes, talking on the phone may not be his thing.  Apply the same principle to going out on dates. Don’t pressure him to take you out every few days.  Let him show you how much time he is comfortable spending with you, and follow his lead. Men love women who let them lead.

7. Do guy things with him. Men love women who show interest in their hobbies.  Even if you hate football, consider going to a game with him once in a while.  Ask him to bring friends along for a double date.  This shows him that you care enough to be unselfish.  If you can’t quite bare a sports event, offer to serve beer and food while he has friends over to watch the game at home. Not only will this show your guy that you’re a keeper, it will win his friends over.

8. Don’t talk him to death. Men dread the words, “We need to talk.”  They fear the start of a long, drawn-out conversation about nothing.  Rather than going on an on when you don’t have to, learn to assert yourself clearly and effectively without the excess.  Just because he doesn’t give you the response you’re hoping for, doesn’t mean you need to keep talking.  Tell him that you’ll give him time to think about what you’ve said and then move on.  He may use actions instead of words as a response so look out for his attempts to please you. Expressing with words is your way, but it may not be his way.  Men love women who understand this.

9. Let him be the man. If you want to make a man fall for you, you must remember to let him be a man.  Even if you’re a strong and independent woman, don’t go overboard with displaying that you don’t need him.  Good men like to protect and provide for their woman.  It makes them feel important, needed and desired.  Your strength is a wonderful quality, but you should be careful not to imply that a man’s strength isn’t needed in your life.  Appreciate all that he brings to the table and remind him of his value.

10. Make no assumptions. Until a man tells you that he loves you and wants to be in a committed relationship with you, you are a single woman.  To assume otherwise is to set yourself up for heartache.  Just because he spent the last 2 weekends with you, doesn’t mean he is yours.  If you declined sex until there’s a relationship and he continues to ask for sex, that doesn’t mean he’s giving in to a relationship.  Be very careful not to misinterpret or assume anything.  Ask him directly for clarification about the status of your relationship.  If he doesn’t’ say that you’ve moved to the next level, it hasn’t happened.  If he hasn’t said you’re the only one, realize that you may not be.  The more you lose sight of reality, the more you place stipulations on him that he’s not ready for.  And that will only lead him away from you. Men love women who don’t hold them to commitments they have not made.

11. Respect yourself. If you carry yourself like a slut, you will get attention from men. Nobody will deny that. However, you’re not likely to get positive attention, and definitely not love.  In most cases, a man reserves his heart for a woman he respects.  And he won’t have much respect for you if don’t respect yourself. Speak, act, dress, and carry yourself like a lady. Be respectful and respectable if you want a good man to fall for you.

53 Relationship Questions to Ask Your Lover in the First 6 Months

Before you read this list of relationship questions, let’s clarify one thing.  You don’t want to just bring this list along on your date to start an interrogation process.  Instead, try gathering the answers to these questions through normal conversation.

In order to create healthy relationships, you must first learn the art of truly getting to know someone.  Not assuming. Not guessing.  Not hoping.  And definitely not trying to turn a person into who you want them to become. This list of relationship questions is provided to help you foster good communication with your lover (or potential lover) from the very start.  Ask, listen, clarify and observe.

Relationship Questions to Ask Your Lover (Days 0 – 30)

1.    What are you seeking? Casual sex, a friend, short term fun, love?
2.    What types of things do you enjoy?
3.    How do you spend your free time?
4.    What do you do for a living?
5.    What is your idea of a perfect date?
6.    What is your idea of a nightmare date?
7.    What do you like about me?
8.    What do you think are your best qualities?
9.    What do you think are your worst qualities?
10.    Do you have children?
11.    Are you married? Currently involved a relationship?
12.    Would you say you’re an introvert or extrovert?
13.    What are the most important things in your life right now?
14.    Do you drink, smoke or do drugs? How often? What type?
15.    How long have you been single?
16.    What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday night?
17.    Early bird or night owl?

Relationship Questions to Ask Your Lover (Days 30 – 90)

Once you’re past the first month, you know if there is some degree of interest or chemistry.  However, you still don’t know if there is enough compatibility to move past the friend zone.The idea for days 30 – 90 is to get to know each other far better than you can with small talk.

You’ll want to ask relationship questions that tell you if you’ve met someone you can potentially date on a serious level, or if you’re about to hit a dead end.  Look for signs of compatibility such as similar temperaments, things you have in common and comparable expectations. More importantly, look for red flags that tell you to run like hell.

18.    What do you like about me so far?
19.    What is your religion, if any? How important is it to you?
20.    What type of pet(s) do you have?  Are there any types of pets that you dislike or prefer not to be around?
21.    How interested are you in politics?
22.    How often do you travel?
23.    Do you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex?
24.    Do you gamble? How much?
25.    How many times have you been in love?
26.    What are your pet peeves?
27.    What are your goals for the future?
28.    What qualities do you look for in a mate?
29.    Are you a risk taker?
30.    Do you like to cook? How often do you like to dine out?
31.    What are you passionate about?
32.    Do you have a criminal record?
33.    When is it okay to physically harm the person you’re in a relationship with?
34.    How do you feel about PDA?
35.    What is your biggest fear?

Relationship Questions to Ask Your Lover (90 Days – 6 Months)

If you’ve dated someone for more than 3 months, there is a chance that things are starting to get somewhat serious.  At this phase, you should both feel more comfortable opening up to each other.  These relationship questions will help you to make the most of that.

Some of the questions below may have come up in conversations prior to the 90 day mark and that is great.  But there is much more to learn.  The goal of your relationship questions after the first 90 days is to spark some pretty significant conversations, thus opening the door to a more intimate connection. Try to get the answers out in the open before you’re involved so seriously that it’s hard to turn back.

Once again, look for compatibility as well as red flags.

36.    How are you feeling about me/us so far?
37.    If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
38.    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
39.    How is your relationship with your mother? Father?
40.    How do you handle anger?
41.    Are you satisfied with where you are in life right now? Why? Why not?
42.    What would your exes say they loved about you?
43.    What would your exes say they couldn’t stand about you?
44.    What are your beliefs on monogamy?
45.    What are your views on gender roles in relationships?
46.    What was your best relationship? What was so great about it? Why did it end?
47.    What was your worst relationship? What was so bad about it? How long did it last?
48.    Have you ever had your heart broken?
49.    What does a healthy relationship look like to you?
50.    What types of lessons have you learned from failed relationships?
51.    How important is sex to you?
52.    Do you get jealous easily?
53.    Do you want to have children some day? How many?

Why You Must be True to Yourself In Relationships

Love, as you know, is the glue that holds healthy relationships together.  But how can someone love you without knowing you?  It may seem like a silly question, but this is the exact scenario created when you are not yourself in the beginning stages of a relationship.

It’s normal to want everything to go right when you feel the magnetic pull of chemistry with someone new.  But if you’re not being yourself, you’re merely creating the illusion of everything going right.

(C)Daniel Butcher 2007

Healthy relationships are never built on a foundation of false pretenses, deception, delusion and confusion. They are built on integrity, respect, acceptance, and sincerity.  Most important healthy relationships include two people who truly know each other, and love each other notwithstanding imperfections.

Instead of trying to make sure everything is perfect—just do a perfect job of being yourself. The right one for you wouldn’t have it any other way. If you hate that he smokes, don’t hold your breath and act as if it’s okay.  If she adores cats as much as you hate them; don’t pretend to fall in love with her little FeFe.  Don’t dance to his favorite music while secretly hating it; don’t deny your desire to socialize because she’s into the homebody type.

After expressing your true thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes; you may or may not end up in a relationship with the person who’s caught your eye. More importantly, however, you will save yourself from a miserable relationship and a broken heart down the road.

The one who falls in love with the fake you may not stick around when the real you surfaces. So, find the guy who likes your dog and (at least) finds your taste in music tolerable.  He’s the same guy who accepts your moody ways and thinks you’re beautiful without your make-up on.

Find the girl who doesn’t mind spending her Friday nights drinking beer at your junky bachelor pad. She’s the same girl who laughs at your jokes because they’re corny, not because she’s acting.

You can waste your time doing things you don’t like, pretending to be someone you are not; but this is not the stuff that loving, healthy relationships are made of.  If you want true love, first allow yourself to be discovered.  That means being comfortable enough with whom you are to be yourself with everyone you meet.  You’ll quickly find out that there was no reason to hide in the first place.