3 Types of Soulmates You Will Meet Before You Die

3 Types of Soulmates You Will Meet Before You Die

There is a lot we don’t understand about life. We question why things happen or our purpose in life. However, there are a couple of solid truths that fit everyone. Once we understand some basic principles of life, we will find it much more thrilling to live.

The first truth is everything teaches us something. We are constantly learning from our experiences. Some may be painful lessons while other joyous, but all result in learning something.

Second, we are interconnected as human beings. We may feel the effect of someone we never met halfway across the world and never know it. How does that happen? It happens because that person does something that affects others, who then transforms others in their lives. Eventually, it could affect your life in some way.

This is demonstrated in the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey is feeling down because he doesn’t have the wealth or fame of those around him. He feels like he has done nothing of any real importance and wishes he had never been born. An angel, Clarence, gives him his wish and George sees what the world would have been life if he never existed.

George finds out just how many lives he positively affected just by being George. He learns to appreciate his life and all in it.

This is really true for all of us. We are affected by others and there are three types of people who will enter your life and bring something special to it. These are soulmates that you really should appreciate.

  1. Those who help us find our destiny.

These are usually people who we are in our lives for a long period of time. They could be family or romantic partners. Whatever the case, they are people you build a history with and want to keep around. They know you best and understand both your positives and your flaws. Most importantly, they accept you for who you are.

People like this will ground you and help you keep to your path. They will confront you when necessary to keep you on course. However, they don’t disrupt your energy. They build it and you feel empowered and motivated around them.

  1. Those who remind us of our true selves.

There are times we drift away from who we wanted to be growing up. We decide to take the path more chosen because it was easier or afforded a better lifestyle. As adults, we may realize this hasn’t made us happy but we aren’t terribly unhappy either.

Someone then comes into our lives that shakes things up. They may cause some pain, tears and disruption, but the end result is we rediscover ourselves and pursue the dreams we wanted all along.

These people may not stay in your life for a long period of time. After all, who wants to be constantly disrupted? They tend to leave after their purpose is completed and you no longer need them to refocus you. Even though the time is somewhat painful, you will always feel an appreciation for them because they led you to the true you.

  1. People who give us brief escapes.

Ever meet someone at a coffee shop, have a great conversation and never see them again? These are the soulmates who fit into this category. They aren’t meant to be long-term relationships but simply brighten your day for a moment. They fill up your world in the here and now, but you don’t feel the need to stay connected.

These experiences are all teachable moments and often leave us with some great stories. They include people you meet on vacation or someone you run into while visiting a loved one in a hospital, or maybe someone at the gym.

They instantly connect with you. They may offer advice or a connection for work. They may flatter you or share a conversation about hometowns. Whatever the connection, it is an important one you were meant to have at that moment.

You could be driving to work and a really cute guy pulls up in the next lane and catches your eye. He winks and lets you go ahead. You will likely never stop to find out who he was or what he is really like, but that one moment made you feel special. That is a soulmate moment. Enjoy it and move on.

Once you understand the different purposes people have in your life, you will find it freeing to let them go when their purpose in your life is over. You will be able to distinguish which ones you should keep for the long haul and which were meant only for a little while. Most importantly, you will learn to treasure all of them. That will help you grow in gratitude and wisdom.

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