Finding Love After Making Love Mistakes

Have you ever dated someone, and you thought that they were going to be there forever? You put all of your eggs in one basket with them and you think that your dreams will be met because you are with this person.

Maybe you have been in a place where you cannot imagine that you could live your life without this person but only to find out that he didn’t have the same feelings about you.

Chances are that he took as much as he could from you and broke your heart. You are probably someone that gave their all in the relationship and maybe you found out that they ended up not being worth your time or effort.

Being Broken

Being broken might be the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Even though you had to go through heartbreak, you know that you had loved that person and even though you would have never left him, getting out of the relationship can be the best thing in your life.

Some people get so stuck on someone that they do not realize that the best thing that they could do is to leave, and they hold on to something that only causes heartache when it comes to an end.

You knew that you wanted to be with them, but you found that they were pushing you away and that maybe they weren’t meant to be with you.

Your brokenness was there so that your life could be put together in a different way, so that you could find someone that loved you for who you are and didn’t want to see you change.

When you look at your ex, you might realize that there was a reason that the relationship didn’t work. Maybe he was actually a mistake and a learning lesson. This could be something that shows you exactly what the opposite of love looks like.

One Sided Love

In order for love to work, it has to go both ways. Both people have to put effort if they want the relationship to work out.

You should never have to push someone or beg them to love you and they should be there for you unconditionally, even when they are busy. If you don’t have that, then there is no excuse for that person.

Cold Love

Love should be kind and caring. Love should never be cold. You should be loving on each other and cuddling.


When you have real love, the person will be there for you and will never make you feel alone. If you are facing a problem, the person will be there to help you through your rough patches and to help you heal.


Love should not be painful. Love should make you feel happy and good and should not make you feel like crying or to be an emotional train wreck.

Love should make you feel that you belong to that person and that you are good and worthy. You should never have to be someone else when you are in love.

Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are part of who we are as human beings. We make mistakes to help us to learn so that we can handle life. This helps us to be more prepared for our future.

When we make mistakes, it lets us to know that we have found a keeper in a relationship because they will be there to make you feel good and to help you through your shame.

If you find the one, you will see that even a text that they send you will keep you smiling all day long.

When he has to work hard and life is busy, he will still take time to message you, no matter what.

You will have peace that you have someone in your life that loves you and that treats you the same way that you treat them.

The chemistry that you have with this person will be so strong that you will get closer and closer to them.

You will want to spend time with them, and they will always make plans to be able to see you.

You will feel that you are living your best life and you will be grounded and happy. He will make you feel secure.

You will feel that you are home with him, and you will have no doubts about where the relationship is going.

You will feel that for once, you made the right choices in your life.


The mistake that you made by being with someone that didn’t love you, can be the best thing that ever happened in your life. Even though they caused you pain and heartbreak or even if they broke you, your mistake allowed you to see what real love is.

After this mistake, you need to pick yourself up, find real love and know that you can find happiness for all eternity.

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