How to Know if Love is Real Love or Not

When you have been with someone for a while it is important to know if the person really likes you or if they are just leading you on. Maybe you don’t know what they really think, and you wonder if the love they have for you is real.

In the movies we know that being passionate with someone or having a fling here or there looks great, but the truth is that love is not what you see in the movies. Love is something that you do to show someone that you care and to help each other become a better person. When the passion is no longer there, you will see if there is real love in your life or not.

One great thing about love is that it cannot really be defined. You know that love is real when you cannot put words to it. Having puppy love or being passionate about someone is not what real love is. Real love is never easy, and you need to know that love will leave you feeling better about yourself and knowing that life is giving you what you need.

Real Love

Humans are not the only things that are with someone. If you have ever broken up with someone that showed you that their love wasn’t real, you might want to know that animals also form loving bonds with each other such as penguins, swans, wolves and even bugs will choose one partner to stay with for life. So, if someone tells you that monogamy isn’t something that is natural for people, tell them that they are wrong.

Go for the Workout

Studies have proven that women are not as attracted to men that have a belly. Do you feel that you are someone that is shallow or that you have been with someone that is shallow? Do you ever look at someone and think less of them because of what they look like?

You are not shallow for wanting people to better themselves. Men that have bellies have lower testosterone and it can also mean that a man is not very fertile. If a woman is wanting to be with someone, chances are that she wants to be with someone that can have her children.

Studies have shown that we are attracted to people that look or smell like our parents. If you talk about your friend for being chunky, you should look at your friends parents before you say anything.

Men are also attracted to women that look like their mothers. If your boyfriend has a short mom and you are short, that is the resemblance.

People need to pay attention to how attractive someone is more than just in their body but also in their actions. When you want a long-term relationship, chances are you will pay more attention to a persons face than what their body looks like.

Love is difficult sometimes and you can be attractive to people that you don’t expect to be attracted to or to people look or smell like your parents, depending on what you are looking for.

Love and Healing

Love can help you to heal and even just hugging someone can release oxytocin that makes you feel better. This also happens when you hold hands with someone or when you just touch each other. If you are fearful or anxious, holding your partners hand can make you feel better.

Do you have a partner that travels a lot? Studies show that when you look at a picture of your partner that you can feel better.

When you fall in love with someone, it can have the same effect on your body as cocaine. This can give you a feeling of euphoria and it can help you to release chemicals that will make your brain feel better and work better.

In the beginning of your relationship, you will do what you can to build the relationship. This can cause the serotonin levels to drop, and this makes you happy while the cortisol levels get higher. This can make you feel that life is perfect.

Giving True Love

Love is part of the culture to change the way that we treat people. When you have love, you should be patience and you need to give up your self-serving attitude. You can look at love and see if you are happy in your relationship and if you are, you will want to give them your time and attention. You will do what you can to make them happy.

The desires that you have will help you to know how to love someone. You will do things to spice up the relationship and you will want to give to your partner no matter what it takes.

You will be more about giving than getting and you will see that your relationship will give you kindness and will increase your mental health.

True Love Awakening

People who fall in love and stay in love for a long time will give their life up to their partners. They will want to spend time together and they will do what they can to spend time together.

If you are someone that has a hard time being in new relationships, then you might be considered a tough guy. You might have a hard time meeting new love and being in good relationships. Having good sex and looking good will not make your relationship work, you have to work hard to make it work.

It is hard to have solid relationships and you have to learn how not to be selfish. There has to be some kind of chemistry with your partner and no matter how many relationships you have been in the past, once you find your real love then you will know that they are your type.

Waiting for Love

Many believe that love at first sight is important, and that attraction is what love is. The truth is that even though you can find someone you are attracted to; you only have love when you are sure that this person is right for you and when you are willing to give of yourself like never before.

The relationships that you have had in the past will show you when real love comes. You will know that when you fight that you will make up and that arguments are not important. You will see that the things that matter in life are being with someone that you love.

True Love and Forever

The thing about true love is that even if you think that you have met the person of your dreams, chances are that this love could end, and it could fade away. There is no guarantee that you will be with that person forever. After you have grown and things have changed, how do you feel?

This is why being in love at a young age often doesn’t last. Once you graduate and move out, you will see things differently. You will see that you need to mature, and you need to know who you are before you will really find real love.

Growth is important if you are trying to find true love. Sometimes people will stay together and sometimes you will grow apart. If you end up growing apart with someone that you love, chances are that you will fall in love again.

It is hard to believe that there is only one person in the world for you and chances are you will meet many people along your life that will give you the love that you need. Even if you end one relationship and you deal with sadness, you will meet other people that will make you happy.

Love is Different

There are no real rules about being in love and love is different for everyone. Finding true love means that you are happy, and you are in something that is lasting and good.

The most interesting thing about true love is that you will know the real thing when it comes to you. Love has a way of changing you and once you find love, you will see that it is not something that follows rules. You either really love someone or you don’t.

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