You Will Know She Loves You if You Pay Attention

Women are hard to understand sometimes and even if you are a woman, you know that the mind of a woman operates differently than other people.

One day a woman will want someone that is romantic and loving and the next day they will want the bad boy or someone that seems to be dangerous.

A woman will show you how much she loves you one day and then the next she might begin to question if she wants to be with you or not.

How can you know what a woman is feeling at a certain time? How can you know if the woman that you are with really loves you?

Do you need to wait for her to tell you that she loves you and express her undying love to you?  Here are some ways that you should know if she loves you or not:

Women and Emotions

Many women can tell you their feelings and their emotions at the drop of a hat but there are some women that don’t feel comfortable with sharing their feelings. This could have happened because they were hurt before and decided to never be vulnerable again.

Some women have been with men that played them or those that were not available to them which caused them to feel upset and not want to fall into that same situation again.

Women that feel this way need more time to understand you and they need to know that you are there for them and that they can trust you.

Figure out how she is acting and find out if she likes you or not. There are signs that she will want to give you to show you she wants to be with you.

Sometimes the signs that she gives you will show you that you are making her more comfortable and when this starts to happen then you know that she is falling in love with you.

Falling in Love

Men and women will fall in love at different times and some of this has to do with the past and past relationships. Men and women fall in love in different ways.

Even though it might be shocking to you, men tend to fall in love faster than women do and they say “I love you” faster as well. This happens because women are pickier on who they choose to love, and they will sometimes not show their love right away because they have to make sure that they are finding the right person for them.

Women and Love

Some women will not say that they love someone or show their feelings until they find a partner that they feel they could have children with.

Not all women want children, of course, but those that do will often wait before they actually fall for someone.

Women are very picky sometimes when they are trying to choose a lifetime partner for themselves. Many women will weigh their options and they will question things that the man does and see if it fits their personality and the traits they are looking for.

They might like a guy based on how he looks but maybe he has bad habits that she doesn’t like. She might like a man that has money but if he is materialistic and likes things over people then she might be turned off by this.

Some women will choose to not date a guy because of something small that they do but this can be for numerous reasons and if the woman decides to be in a serious relationship with him then she has to make sure that he has to offer what she wants.

When She Falls in Love

Once a woman falls in love with you, you will know it. She will give him all of her time and prioritize her life so that she can spend more time with him. She will be loving, and kind and she will change her goals and ideas to make him happy.

If a woman tells you that she loves you then chances are that she will give you the attention that you need, and she will do things for you that you know shows her feelings towards you.

When a woman falls in love with you, she will make you feel different, and she will compromise with you to give you what you need.

Women have a hard time sometimes prioritizing their life but when a woman is falling in love with a guy, she will put him first and change things in her life to please him.

Challenging You

Women that challenge men often do it so that they can see how much she loves them. Men often have wrong ways of thinking that a woman is in love with him, and he thinks that she will give in and do whatever he wants, but that is not true.

Women want to be with someone that will be the best that he can be. She wants to really love this guy and she believes that if she is going to devote her time to him that he should give her the best that he can.

Women love to have power and to be powerful, but she will love to see the man that she loves have power and potential to be the best that he can be. When she worries about certain habits that he has, she will want you to do better.

Signs She Loves You

Here are some signs that she is falling in love with you:

  • She remembers everything about you.
  • She does things to try to impress you.
  • She will be jealous if you are hanging or talking to other girls.
  • She will be there for you no matter what you need.

When a girl loves too much, it is something that most people don’t understand but that is okay.

Women and Love

A woman that falls for a guy will love him with everything in her. She will be like a piece of glass that is fragile, but she will also be strong and powerful.

She will be his best friend and the companion that he always dreamed of. If you want a woman to love you and you love her back, make sure that you are giving your all to show her what she means to you.

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