Being Stronger in Your Self Esteem. How to Love Who You Are

Do you love someone that has low self-esteem? If you do, this can be a hard situation. Dealing with someone that doesn’t love themselves can be hard.

If you have ever been in a relationship with someone and you were really connected, you probably found that they would fill you with peace and happiness. Maybe the person you are with loves you and you love them but maybe you are the one that hates yourself. If you feel unworthy and you need someone to validate you, you need to read on.

Having a low self-esteem is easy to explain but it is not easy to understand unless you have been through it. When you have a hard time feeling good about yourself or you feel embarrassed or shameful about who you are then you feel different than others.

Being damaged is something that is hard to get over. Maybe you hate yourself and maybe you wish that you could love yourself, but you have a hard time finding that.

When you are in this situation, you have to realize that there is no changing who you are, and you need to learn to love yourself.

Dealing with Low Self-Esteem

Maybe you have been ashamed of yourself and you have been reckless because of your low self-esteem. Chances are that you are anxious and even when you try to get better, you have a hard time being someone else.

You might be irresponsible, party a lot, travel, have sex or do things that are toxic in your life because it makes you feel good for a moment.

You will make mistakes and it will cause you to have more guilt and shame and then it will cause you to feel that you are in a never-ending cycle.

When you are a man and you have low self-esteem, it can affect your life. Some people will hide while others will go out and party or do destructive behaviors. Others will try to prove themselves. When someone is not able to love themselves, they will ultimately try to run away.

If you are with someone like this and you love them, you need to help them. Let your light shine on them and let them see how much you love and care for them.

Try to help them to remember who they are and how you see them:

He Loves You

This guy might love you so much, but he hates himself. He cannot help his feelings and he has pain and depression because of who he is. He might not even realize that this is happening, and he is always wishing that he could be someone else.

When you tell him you love him, he probably doesn’t believe you because he cannot love himself. He might want to love himself, but he is afraid of who he is. He thinks of you and loves you and he wants to give you his heart, but he cannot get over who he is and what he feels about himself.

Seeking Attention

One thing that men that have low self-esteem will do is often seek attention outside of the relationship. They want other women to notice them and they will flirt to get attention. They crave this attention because it makes them feel better about who they are.

He will want attention from others, and he will want others to approve of him. He will do this so that he can feel worthy and so that he can feel that others believe he is great.

This might be hard for you to understand but his low self-esteem will cause him to seek for this. He is damaged and he wants to have an escape.

Talk to him about how this makes you feel and make him know that he needs to respect you and he needs you and no one else to make him feel better.

Got Lucky

He will see you and cherish you and you will be everything to him. After the relationship starts to wear off, he will start to think that he got lucky with you. He will see that you love him, and he will not have a real explanation for it except that he must have gotten lucky.

He won’t think he is worthy, and he will hate himself, but he will love who you are. He will believe that you are fooled by him and that he needs to prove himself to you.

Even if you tell him that he loves you, he will have a hard time feeling that you are fooled and that you could never love him.

Proving Himself

He will always be trying to prove who he is to you. He will want to change the world, but he will be afraid because of his feelings of unworthiness.

He doesn’t want to live without you, and you are his dream girl. He hopes that he can show you how amazing he is someday and that he can believe it.

He will desire to be with you and will want to show you how much you mean in his life. Show him affection, kiss him, look him deep in the eyes and tell him how much you love him and that he is enough for you.


Since he is so insecure, he might get jealous easy. He might have a hard time feeling secure and so your friends and other guys will make him feel threatened. He will have low self-esteem and you are the one that fills his voids. If you are talking to someone else, it will make him feel irrational.

He doesn’t ever want to cause you to suffer or to be stressed, he just is afraid of losing you and he causes things to be uncomfortable.

In the Moment

He has a hard time living in the moment because he is afraid to take chances. He lives in the future and he dreams that he can find happiness and learn to love himself at some point.

He will work hard and make money and do things that he can to better himself. He wants people to be proud of him and he feels that he will only be worthy if he can prove himself for who he is. He will always be working hard to make you see that he is worth it even though he doesn’t believe it.

Commitment Scares Him

Chances are your guy is afraid to commit to you because he is afraid you will break his heart. He will never give you 100% of his time because he is afraid that you will not find him worthy.

He believes he isn’t good enough and he is afraid that you are wasting your time with him.

Pain and Suffering

He might want you to feel pain and suffering in the relationship because this allows him to feel pride. He wants to feel worthy and if you feel hurt or pain for the relationship then he must be worthy.

He Loves You Just Not Himself

Your guy has to learn to love who he is. He has to work through all of his emotions in order to find out that he can love who he is so that he can love you.

When he lets this go, it will cause him to suffer and he will not be able to be the person that you need him to be. He will not be able to be the man you need him to be.

If you want the relationship to work out, you can work through this together. You will be so close that this bond will never be broken. He will love you and you will love him. If you help him to find love for himself, you will see that your relationship can be perfect. If this cannot happen, you may need to move on and find someone else to love.

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