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Do you ever wonder what makes people happy in relationships? Have you ever thought of being in a polyamorous relationship? This is a kind of relationship that some people are in where they are happy and free to be with whomever they want to be with.

You may wonder if jealousy is something that people in this kind of jealousy deal with, but the truth is that they actually have compersion.

What is Compersion?

Compersion is something that is part of the polyamorous community that means that your partner makes you happy when they are happy. This means that you are happy when someone that you love is feeling happy and this is the opposite of jealousy.

Compersion is a theory that tells us that someone can be happy in a relationship where jealousy can simultaneously happen.

How Does Compersion Work?

Someone that might go to a conference even though her partner is comfortable with their open relationship, she is against him going to the conference.

Instead of being happy, she spends most of her night on the phone crying and screaming at her partner who is at the conference as he cries because he is so frustrated. Then when get gets home, he feels that he needs to hide what happened on the trip from her even though eventually he will tell her, and it will cause her to no longer trust him.

Another situation can happen when the same guy is in a new relationship with someone that wants him to be happy and free. When he goes to another conference, she drops him off at the airport and tells him to go and “have fun” and then asks him to tell her about it when he returns.

When he gets back, he tells her about what he did and gives her a long kiss to show how he loves that she considers his feelings when it has to do with other partners. This is what compersion is.

The difference between the two situations was that on his second conference, he felt trusted and comfortable because his partner wanted him to be happy and free.

He was being completely honest with his partner because he felt like she trusted and supported him, and this allowed him to feel that the relationship had value. This was a way that they could be together without relationship even when he went with someone outside of their relationship.

Compersion makes a relationship stronger, and it helps both people to feel satisfied.

Does Compersion Work for Your Relationship?

Compersion is something that has to be for you. There might be relationships where you feel jealous with certain people for who they are and how they act, and this can be in any and every relationship.

Compersion can help couples that are in monogamous relationships as well as ones that are in open relationships. Everyone can learn to have a better relationship when they learn to support and value their partner. They should want their partner to be happy.

This is something that is not always easy because jealousy is something that is sometimes hard to avoid. It is a natural reaction in some situations. The good thing though is that when there is mutual respect that you can both be very happy about your partners or even about other relationships such as family or friends.

You should want your partner to be happy and when you do, you will find happiness as well.

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