How to Date After Being Friends

Falling in love is easy and it is the part that is the easiest when it comes to being in a relationship. Committing to the relationship and trusting others is the harder part of the relationship, especially if you are falling for someone that you are friends with.

Falling in love with your friend can happen but is this a relationship that can end up being happy? There are things that you have to do if you want to transition from being friends with someone to dating but when you do this, know that you are risking a friendship that you have. When you put your feelings out there, things will change right away.

If you have looked deep and you decide that you want to try to be romantic with your friend, you need to talk to them so that things are not awkward and weird.

Ask Questions

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are wanting more than a friendship. You need to take time to really think this through and make sure it is what you want. Sometimes we are attracted to how our friends treat us and if you are not sure, you are setting yourself up to get your heart hurt.

Ask yourself if you are both single and if you are of the right sexual orientation. Do they want to be in a serious relationship? Are you even compatible with this person? If you pursue them and they aren’t interested, your friendship could very well end.

If you are both single and you are both looking for the same kind of relationship, find out if you really want to put your feelings out there and what will you do if they don’t feel the same.


Find out if your friend is even interested in you and see if they are flirting with you. People have a hard time hiding their feelings and if you see signs of flirting, they might want the same thing that you do. Are they making eye contact, leaning in when you are talking to them? Pay attention to these things.

Be Playful

One way to handle this if you want to share your feelings is to do it when you are being fun. Play 20 questions and then ask if them, “have you ever had feelings for a close friend?” if they say yes, then keep going. Make it fun and flirty and then you can prepare to tell them how you feel.

Just Ask

One way you can handle this is to just tell them and ask them how they feel. When you do this, you are communicating and being honest and that is important.

You have to be direct if you decide to do this. You need to know if you are just going to be friends, date or if you will be friends with benefits.

Move On

When you share these feelings with your friend, chances are you will get hurt. If they don’t like you back, you need to be fun about it and move forward. If you want to stay friends, let things go and let things be easier.

Tell them that you want to stay friends and that you want to just move on with it. Sometimes it won’t be easy to make the relationship work after you confess your feelings for them and you are always taking a risk when you go from friendship to love.

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