Connecting with Someone Deeply

We often find that we have an easy time connecting with someone, even sometimes, someone we have just met. Have you ever just met someone, and you realize that you have a hard time living without them? If that happens to you, this is not your normal relationship.

How You Connect

This can be someone that you can talk to forever and the time seems to fly by. You might have been with them for hours, but it only seems like minutes.

Hanging Out

You love to hang out with this person, and they make you feel good. You are happy just eating and watching television as long as you are together.


You never have to do anything special to have fun with each other. You can do anything, even read a book together.

Looking Like You

You are allowed to look like yourself and you don’t have to do anything to impress them. You can wear your hair in a messy bun or wear your sweat pants.


You are fine if you are just sitting together and not saying anything at all.


You keep the best secrets for each other, and you tell each other everything. You know everything about one another.


You find that you can talk to them about anything rather it is important or not. Maybe you talk about food and then later you talk about dating and sex.


This person will constantly be texting you and you texting them. You will want them to know about your day and about what is going on in your life.

Facebook/Social Media

This will be the person that will share things about friendship to you and will always keep you in the loop of what is going on in their life.


There are some people that you will meet along your journey that will be hard to deal with or someone that is hard to get close to and then you will meet other people in your life that make having a relationship so easy.

Look out for people that you can connect to and be close to without it being full of effort.

Relationship Saga

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