Trying to Get Your Ex Back that You Emotionally Abused

Are you one of those people that have been emotionally abusive to someone and you want to have another chance with them?

Emotional abuse is a terrible thing, and this is often the reason that couples break up and then will get back together. This sometimes becomes a cycle. There are other things that are way worse than emotional abuse and if you want to have another chance with your ex, you have to mature in the relationship and learn to be loving and kind.

The way that you can approach your ex is to make sure that you create a situation where both you and she feel good and both of you are attracted to each other and she becomes drawn to you again.

If you want to have another chance with your ex, you have to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

Here are some things you have to stop doing or change:


Learn to communicate better. This means that you stop being a jerk and that you learn to be loving and caring. This doesn’t mean that you will change right away but when you are in a relationship and you want your ex back, she is going to be attracted to someone that is nice but not too nice.

Being too nice will make her think that you are just trying to win her back and that you don’t really mean it. You have to be someone that understands that the way that you treated your ex was wrong and hope that she will forgive you and give you another chance.

You have to change the way that you talk to her and communicate with her to make her want you again.

For example, if you never let her have an opinion, ask her what she wants and allow her to talk. Don’t agree with everything just to win her back but actually listen.

Once she realizes that you are starting to listen, things will change. If you just give into her, she will feel that you are whipped and that she has power over you, and this will turn her off.

Pay attention to what she says and interact with her. Make the conversations important and be fun. Allow yourself to be kind and loving and fun and not angry and rude.

If you tell you that you never complement her or you put her down, then change the way that you talked to her. Talk about how pretty she is and about how much you love her.

When a woman sees that you see that you are wrong and that you realize that you didn’t communicate with her right, she will be more open to your changes.

Many women love the idea of a guy being the “bad” guy but at the same time they want a guy that is loving and loyal. They want a confident guy that will admire her and will be there for her and not be emotionally unavailable.

If you do not know what women want, you need to understand that women want a guy that is attracted to her and one that is fun to be around. She wants someone to treat her like a princes and doesn’t disrespect her.

A woman that feels attracted to you will like your charm and will want to be with someone that is emotionally available to them. They want someone they are attracted to.

Women that are older have a harder time getting in relationships because they want someone that is willing to settle and someone that is a good guy. These are hard to find and so if you are trying to get your ex back, you have to build the attraction back up.

She probably still feels attracted to you, but she doesn’t know if you are really going to change and if you are still going to be emotionally abusive or not. She wants to feel loved and appreciated by you.

When you talk to her, be the kind of man that she wants you to be. She expects that you will act the same way that you did before she broke it off with you so if you act this way, the relationship will be over.

Surprise her and show her that you have changed. Show her that you will treat her better.

Find Forgiveness

Even if you apologize it doesn’t mean you are really sorry. Maybe you have really hurt her, and you have caused her to feel bad about herself or caused her to be depressed.

Do not beg and be sloppy in your apology and don’t make it all about you but make it about how you treated her. Show her that you have changed.

Impressing Her

A woman doesn’t like a guy that has to go to a psychiatrist to talk about his problems. She wants to hear what is going on with him and she wants to see him become a better person.

If a woman finds a guy to be an emotional mess or if he is trying to manipulate her, she will never come back.

A woman wants to see her ex after they break up to see if he has changed. She wants to know about this change, and she wants a guy that can feel proud of himself for changing and for making things better in his life.

Show her that you are changed, and this will attract her. She will want to give you another chance. If she doesn’t give you another chance, give her time to be attracted to you. Let her miss you and wait for her.

Writing a Letter

Some guys will send their ex a letter so that they can get through their apology. A letter can be misinterpreted just like a text. It is best for the guy to approach her and speak to her so that she can see if he is sincere or not.

This can give him a chance and allow her to see that he has changed. This can show her that he is not just manipulating her or acting sorry even when he isn’t.

You need to avoid texting or writing letters to your ex if you want them to forgive you and give you another chance. Call them or go to them in person. Focus on the healing and allow her to become attracted to you all over again.

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