Cheating Means You Don’t Love Them

Cheating Means You Don’t Love Them

If you are cheating on someone that you are dating, you need to realize that you don’t love them.  If you are not being faithful, then you are not in love.  People don’t just make mistakes because they are human.

Cheating is not a mistake that you make when you love with someone.  You cannot cheat on someone and say that you are in love with them.  This article is for someone that is cheating or has been cheated on.  Sometimes this subject can cause people to have a heated debate. I am correct when I say that you cannot love someone if you cheat on them.

Let’s start from the beginning.  Even though no one is a saint in relationships, and many of us have cheated on people in past relationships.  This comes from not wanting to commit to the relationship and by wanting to be selfish and have what we want at the time without committing.

It is important to value independence and have ability to do what you want and want to have a dinner date at the same time.  Sometimes in our history we think we should get to do what we want and act how we want.

When we think about what is really wrong and why we want to cheat, it has to do with feelings of the people that we are dating.  We don’t care enough about them to respect them enough to treat them like partners, we just want someone to have companionship with at the time.  If you love someone, you cannot cheat on that person.  It would just kill you to hurt them like that.


If you respect a person that you have committed to then you will not cheat on them.  You would not be able to do that because you would be madly in love with them.  You would have deep respect for them.

If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend that treats you kindly and challenges you and is there when you need them and is your best friend, you would never let someone else touch them or be with them.

If you respect someone, you would get hurt feelings and a broken heart thinking about hurting them by cheating them.  Nothing would allow you to dishonor them like that.

If you cheat on whoever you are with, you don’t respect them enough to not betray them.  You should leave them and know that you aren’t right for them.

Not Caring Enough

If you care for someone and cheat on them, then you don’t love them.  Not enough to be faithful.  You can care about the person and betray them, but you don’t have feelings for them of true love.  If you don’t love or care for them enough then you will cheat on them.

If you don’t want to give the person up, you love them or want to be with them, then you need to understand that its unfair to sacrifice them for another person.  If you feel that you need to touch someone or do something that will bring dishonor to your relationship, then you don’t care enough for that person.

You can feel love for them, but this isn’t enough to keep you from cheating or respecting them.  You cannot cheat on someone if you really love them.

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