How to Improve a Relationship That’s Falling Apart

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Save Your Relationship

Are you wondering how to improve a relationship?  Maybe you’re starting to think it’s too late and that your broken relationship is doomed for life. Well, don’t give up yet!  With patience, determination and a good plan; saving a relationship is more doable than you think.

Now, I’m sure you’ve tried in the past.  Most people do everything they can think of to prevent a breakup or divorce. They put all of their energy into fixing the relationship, yet things keep getting worse and worse.  Apologies lead to guilt; attempts to talk lead to arguments. Clearly, when you don’t know how to improve a relationship, anything you try may push your partner farther away.

Instead of losing all hope, you can use relationship repair techniques that actually work.  You can learn to apply the ingenious ideas of experts for saving a relationship that’s on the brink of disaster.  Are you ready to get started with 5 simple steps?

How to Improve a Relationship

Relationships move through several phases.  The honeymoon phase is the beginning.  It’s the period of time when both people are on their best behavior, excitement is high and attraction is even higher.  The newness is so thrilling that you just can’t get enough of each other.  You like what you’ve seen so far and you’re highly anticipating what comes next.  You enjoy spending time together and the last thing you want to do is to push each other away.

This “lovers high” slowly tapers off over time, but it doesn’t ever have to vanish completely. You can build a special, loving, life-long bond from the fragments of your broken relationship by doing one thing: keeping each other interested. That’s the simple solution to the mystery of how to improve a relationship that’s falling apart; and the steps below will fill in all the juicy details.

Saving a Relationship – 5 Steps Forward

1) Discovery. The most fun times in life are those when we are exploring something that’s new and fresh to us. First steps, new jobs, graduations, unexpected prizes, weddings.  An important element of saving a relationship is to keep the discovery going. No matter how long you’re with someone, keep exploring each other and the world around you.  Notice the changes that you both make as you learn, grow and evolve. Do new and exciting things as a couple. Travel, see the world, meet new friends, take classes, hang out in new places. Constant discovery equals constantly improving your relationship.

2) Space. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so don’t be afraid to miss each other sometimes. As important as it is to discover and rediscover life together, it’s also important to enjoy time apart.  If you smother each other, you’ll eventually grow tired and annoyed with each other. Keep this in mind as a reminder to maintain your individuality.

Taking time for yourself helps you to grow as an individual, which makes you an easier person to have a relationship with. Spending quality time alone with friends and family allows you to nurture the important bonds you should always have outside of your love relationship.  We can refer to all of this as “space.”  It’s time apart from your partner that goes along way toward improving your relationship as a whole.

3) Appreciation. You may think your partner knows that you love and appreciate them; but that’s not good enough.  Make sure to say it, show it, and reiterate it time and time again. This is one of the simplest, yet easily overlooked, examples of how to improve a relationship. Think back to when you first met. What did you do to show your interest and enthusiasm? Whatever it was, keep it up and maybe even take it up a notch.

Call just to say hi, send a card or flowers, plan an awesome date, say please and thank you.  Remember, saving a relationship isn’t just about staying together. It’s about staying happy together. Nobody is happy when they feel unappreciated.

4) Attraction. The way we look will absolutely change as years go by; but that doesn’t mean we can’t remain attractive.  Do your best to take care of yourself, mind and body, rather than letting yourself go once you’re in a relationship.  A self-confident person who loves himself or herself enough to treat their body with love has a type of appeal that is absolutely timeless.  Working out and eating a balanced diet will keep you looking and feeling good. In turn, you’ll have a better attitude and approach to life.  Such benefits definitely trickle down to your mate.

5) Communication. One of the reasons we get all warm and tingly inside when spending time with a new love is because it’s so easy to enjoy each others’ company. Conversation is light, non-threatening and enjoyable.  It’s a relief that we look forward to with every ring of the phone.  Why not continue communicating with your mate in this way?

If you remain someone who your mate looks forward to talking to, you won’t worry so much about how to improve a relationship.  Now don’t get me wrong. There is a certain amount of seriousness that is necessary.  You can’t avoid discussing important things like finances, kids, chores and work.  However, don’t get stuck there. Always make time to listen, joke and laugh. Make time to discuss your hopes, dreams and fantasies instead of just the requirements and obligations in life.

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