Dealing with Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

There will be times in your life where you feel that cupid came along and shot an arrow but hit the wrong person. We all have been in a situation where we have had feelings for someone, but they did not return them.

Unrequited or unreturned love is a common thing and happens to people at all ages in their life. Maybe you thought that you have found the perfect partner in your life, only to find out that they are not there to return your love,

As you mature in your mind and your body, your idea of a partner changes. You come to the point where you want to have a long-distance relationship. Some men and women feel this way for a long time, and they do not want to work on making friends because it is hard for them.

People that are more mature find unrequited love to be extremely hard and painful. When you have feelings for someone and they do not have the same feelings, it can become a thing of rejection.

Rejection is something that is very painful, and it hurts when it is romantic in nature. Rejection can feel very personal and it can cause you to wonder if you are unworthy of love and to look deeper at the flaws that you have.

It is hard to accept that someone does not love you back and that there is no chemistry between you. Maybe the dreams that you had for someone becomes broken and the plans that you have to be in love with this person might have failed you.


Rejection can be very painful, and it can cause you to have pain in your heart and even physical pain. Heartbreak is a real thing and people that have gone through heart break sometimes even get sick or get diseases. Our bodies and our emotions are linked together.

One of the problems of being rejected is that we want to live our lives with someone but when we feel rejected, we sometimes want to just be alone. People that do not have this kind of love with someone will still dream of having real love.

Coping with Unrequited Love

There are ways that you can cope with the idea of your feelings being rejected and here is how:

Saying Goodbye

Maybe you felt that this was the perfect person for you and that you had so much hope for your future. If this is keeping you up at night, you have to figure out how to get over it.

Notice the things that the person does not do for you such as texting you back or when you feel like you have to beg for their attention.

Learn that they are not as perfect as you think and say goodbye to those images in your mind.

Know Them Better

No one is going to be perfect but when you have love for someone, you seem to overlook their flaws. The fact is, you can romanticize someone, but it doesn’t mean it is real.

Everyone has flaws and problems and negative attitudes toward things and that person is no different. Learning more about them can cause you to want them less.

This kind of love hides and does not show you what someone really is.


People that love someone that does not love them back might have a hard time communicating about what they feel. Maybe you are shy or scared and maybe you want to be with them, but you do not know how to handle those feelings.

These types of feelings can be paranoia and so if you have these feelings about your crush, take time alone. Isolate yourself for a little bit and figure out what good things you have in your life.

Find friends that you can talk to. When you do not have your crush in front of you, it is easier to get over them.


Learn to distract yourself. Stop thinking about this person that is not returning your love. Imagine how great it would be to reach your goals and to accomplish things in your life that you want to do.

Figure out ways to spend your free time having fun. Find hobbies that excite you. Go outside in nature, work out and let your endorphins work for you. Your undying love can be more about boredom than about real love.


Take time to go out on dates with someone else. There are people that want to be loved and want to go out and have fun, find them.

Be with someone that is fun and take them out to eat or for coffee. Go out and do something fun. This can cause you not to have so much pressure about the other relationship and let you have a good time along the way. On top of that, you can find new friends along the way.

Love You

Love who you are. Love the way you handle things and your personality. Learn to accept yourself the way that you are.

It is hard to tell your heart to feel something it doesn’t but when you want to have mutual love and trust with someone that does not feel the same, your heart has a hard time dealing with that.

You can wait until the energy slows down and you can get over them or you can try to find someone else to love.

Improve You

Figure out what you want in your life and improve who you are. Once you start working on yourself, you will find that you can find better love and meet someone that will love you back and stop wasting your time chasing something that doesn’t want to be caught.

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