Undefined Relationships

Have you ever been in an undefined relationship before? Maybe you have misconceptions about being in a relationship that does not have labels and maybe you just feel that the stigma of not having labels is strong and upsetting to you.

Here are some things about what it is like to be in an undefined relationship:

Some Want Them

Not everyone in the world is looking for an official relationship. Some people want to be with someone but do not want to have labels, not because of the person but because they want to remain selfish and not be selfless yet. Some people are not willing to make the sacrifices.

If you have a connection with someone but you also want to be free, an undefined relationship can be perfect for you.

Hook Up Sex

Hooking up in an undefined relationship can be something that is just physical. Maybe you want to date someone just to have sex and this is not meaningless.

No Rules

People in undefined relationships learn to make agreements but not set rules. You want to do things fun and hook up but whatever else you do is your own business.


It can be hard to be in an undefined relationship because there are no real rules. Sometimes you might want to date someone else and you can do this when there are no labels. Maybe you want to focus only on yourself instead of the needs of others and this is the perfect relationship for you.


Just because you do not have a label does not mean that you do not like or care for each other. This assumption is something that gets people in trouble. Maybe your guy will listen to you cry all night whereas when you are in a relationship, they get tired of hearing you upset.

They will still want you to be happy and will still want to listen to you and spend time with you, they just aren’t ready for the label.


There might be times when being in an undefined relationship helps you. You have to learn to be honest and talk to each other and you have to make sure you have open communication.

Everyone seems to want to be classified as something and that does not always have to exist.

When you become obsessed with things having a label, it can cause the relationship to be hard and cause you not to be able to have fun and to experience new things with your partner.

Learning to be in an undefined relationship can work out well when there are two people that are looking for this kind of love and that are happy with what they have in their lives.


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