Guide for Women and How to Make a Guy Know He is Losing You

Do you feel that you are giving more than your guy is and he is losing you and doesn’t even know it? No one wants to feel like they are being taken advantage of, especially in a relationship. When you feel that you are in this position, chances are the guy you are with does not realize he is about to lose you. He stops appreciating you and loving you the way that you care and love him.

When you think about the first time you laid eyes on him, chances are he was very romantic with you and he was always flirting and loving on you. You would feel he was so romantic. Now if he even notices you are in the room, you will feel lucky.

Fight or Flight?

When you get to this point in your relationship, chances are you want to walk away. You might want to stop your relationship because you are tired of putting in all of that work.

If you are deciding if your relationship is worth fighting for, let your guy realize he is losing you and see if he starts fighting for you or not.

You have to realize that he can change and stop taking advantage of you.

How to Show Your Guy He is Losing You

Here are some ways that you can show your guy that he is losing you before it’s too late:

Phone Calls

When you start ignoring your guys phone calls and text and stop communicating with him, this should be a big wake up call. He will be used to you answering him right away. When you stop doing this, chances are he will realize this and see that he is about to lose you.

He will realize that you have distanced yourself from him and you are about to cut him off permanently.

Doing Things for Him

There are so many reasons we do things for people we love and sometimes it can cause our partner to get comfortable and get in a pattern of taking advantage of us. He might start expecting it and get used to it.

Maybe you clean and cook for him and pick up his laundry and take care of everything about him. Once you start realizing he is taking advantage of you, stop doing these things. He will realize that his world is falling apart without you.

Go Without Him

Do not sit and wait for him to come out with you. If he doesn’t offer, find other people to go out with and learn to have fun. Do not ask him if you can go out and do not get home when he thinks you should be there.

Learn to be independent and let him recognize that you are not paying attention to him or caring for him like you used to. Let him realize this.


Find new hobbies that does not involve your partner. Find things to do that you can do for yourself.

Have time for yourself and for your friends. Distract yourself from your partner and make him realize that you are becoming more independent and having more of a social life. He will get jealous fast and want you back.


Meet friends that are just your friends and not your partners friends. Keep your life separate from your partner and learn to socialize when he doesn’t want to do things with you. He will start missing you and wondering where you are.


Be more distant from your partner and let him know he is losing you. You do not have to give your whole life for him when he isn’t treating you the way that you deserve.

Giving Him His Way

Stop giving your partner his way if he is not loving you like he should. Make him work hard for what he wants and if he wants to do something else, let him do it for himself. He will see that you are attractive when you are assertive and realize he is losing you.

Pretend He Isn’t There

If you find that he is not noticing you, start to pretend he isn’t there. Ignore him completely even if you live with him. This will be hard, but he will soon notice that you are not all about him.


Take a break and go on a mini vacation without him. Let him realize you are gone and let him realize that you have been unhappy for quite some time. If he doesn’t change then let him go and get away from him and let him see he will miss you.

Don’t Be Available

Do not run when he calls you. Let him wonder where you are and always have other plans. Cancel the dates and act like you are losing interest in him, even if you aren’t. Let him make an effort to win you back.


Find other people to flirt with in front of your guy. Let him realize that he can soon lose you and other guys like you.

Talk to Him

Sit down and talk to your partner and tell him what you are feeling. Let him know how you feel and that you do not feel happy with his actions.

Make sure you give him a chance and you are honest with him. Nothing is better than being honest with your partner and by letting him know what you are feeling.

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