How to Decide Whether to Go or Stay

There comes a time in many relationships, even long-term ones, where people wonder if it is worth it to stay. They may play it in their minds to determine what life would be like on their own and whether they would be happier or not.

Fortunately, science has come up with a better way to determine the best course for people. There are biological influences on many of our feelings and narrowing those down will help you make a decision that best serves you and your future.

There are checklists that help. Questions include topics like whether you trust your partner, your friendship with your partner, how they react to your talk of your dreams, how they handle or show criticism and how your sex life is.

The scoring determines whether your needs are being met in the relationship. Be aware, those who using scoring system typically have relationship issues. The seriousness of those issues determines whether your should stay or go and the scoring will help you determine just how serious your relationship troubles are.

Having a troubled relationship doesn’t automatically mean it’s over. You can save a relationship by implementing certain strategies. First, you have to recognize your problem areas and take some time to think about how you feel about each of those problem areas.

Next, you need to communicate your thoughts clearly and without anger. You should never go to bed angry, but should deal with situations promptly. After you have expressed yourself, you must then listen to your partner. Try to step back from your feelings and listen objectively. Don’t try to read between the words but take what they are sayiing at face value.

Keeping the love alive is important to overcome problems and you can do that in a couple of ways. Give compliments and leave love notes. Take time for date night or a day trip together.

There are always counselors you can talk to that can help you develop your communication and listening skills. They are also good to get feedback on whether your feelings about certain things are normal or unreasonable.

There are certain relationships where there is no choice to leave. Primarly those are relationships where there is some type of abuse. It could also include relationships where there is cheating or a complete loss of trust in other areas.

Contrary to popular opinion, most relationships can be salvages particularly if there is marriage, children or a long-term history involved. The real questions is whether you want to put in the work to save it.

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