Handling Rejection

Handling Rejection

No matter what life throws you, you can be strong, but when you are feeling like someone has hurt us that we cared about, we will be rejected and hurt.  We will wonder why they don’t love us anymore or what we did wrong

These thoughts of what we could have done better will take over our minds and will make us feel that we are no longer confident.  We will feel that we should be blamed for the failed relationship and that when we blame ourselves, we will feel rejected even more.  We will feel that we should not be able to love again.

When we look at rejection, we have to realize that it can empower us and give us strength.  We have to take our bad feelings and figure out how to move on.  Just because someone doesn’t love us right now, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love us.

If you keep pushing, you will find what you are hoping for and you will be able to move on.


Rejection is not fun, and it is not something that we want to get involved with.  Even though it happened, it does not mean that you should see yourself as warped and gross.  You are not a reflection of your rejection.

Rejection is something that happens to everyone and it has nothing to do with you or who you are.  Sometimes the world is just busy and the rejector needs to have free time and space.  You wonder what you did wrong, but this is something that is not your fault.  Instead of feeling like it is, step away and accept that it happened.

Do not stay in the lies of rejection and think that it defines you but move away form it and find out what makes you happy.  Find out if you can be proud in your life and if you can accomplish greater things.  Find out how to overcome love.

Once you are focused on who you are, you will understand that rejection is something that can be a blessing for you.

Truth About Rejection

When you get rejected, chances are that the universe is giving you a break and getting you ready for something bigger and better.  It wants you to be fulfilled and being with that person might not be the right choice that the universe has for you.  When you realize that rejection is a blessing, you can move on happily and learn to love again.

When you deal with rejection, it can be hard, but everyone has been to the place where they are rejected, where their calls are not returned or they are broken up with.  Marriages end each and every day and there are people that are always getting their heart broken.


The truth about rejection is that it can be a good thing.  The universe wants you to be a better person and they want you to move on in your life.  Find a way to be happy and to have joy in your life.  Find a way to understand that love will find you when the time is right and so just be ready.  Keep your head up and know that you are great and powerful, and you will find love again.

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