He Doesn’t Love You

You deserve to be with a partner that loves you and treats you the way that you deserve to be treated. Nothing is more painful than being with a guy that does not love you the way that you love him.

Chances are though, you might not even see that it is that way in your relationship and instead you just make excuses for him because you want to be with him and you want to tell yourself that you are just being sensitive or silly. Maybe you are judging the relationship wrong and you do this so that you can convince others and yourself that he loves you.

If your family is always judging him, chances are you get angry and upset and you feel that they are being fair because they don’t see him the way that you see him.

There are things that have happened when you go through this and the truth is that you are stuck in a place where you want to be happy but at the same time you know deep down that he does not really want you. You feel sad and depressed and there is no way to move forward with this unless you admit that you are not being honest with yourself.

You deserve to be with someone that will treat you good and here are some signs that can show you that a guy is not in love with you and is only using you for his own benefit.


A guy that uses you will want something from you all the time. This will be a sure sign that he does not want a real relationship with you and he only have you around because he doesn’t want to have to do things himself.

When a guy is always asking you for favors and you are always going out of the way for him but he is not willing to do the same for you, chances are you are being used and you need to send him back to his mother instead of waiting on him hand and foot.

Late Night Calls

A guy that likes you will make an effort to call you all times of the day but if your guy is only calling you at night, chances are that he has better things to do with his day than to spend it with you.

If he is always busy doing things and doesn’t make time to hang out with you except at night when he wants a booty call or just to say goodnight, he is not committed to you and your relationship will not last.


When a guy uses you, he will not take care of you or treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. He will not care when you are around other guys and he will not care if you are in a dangerous situation or not.

Chances are that if you are stuck with a broke down car or you are late night drinking that he will not even come and rescue you because he doesn’t really care.

He will not comfort you when you are sad and if he loved you, he would make you the best that you can be.


A guy that is in love with you will want to make plans with you in their future. They will want to spend time with you and you with him and his friends and family.

A healthy relationship means that they will pour their heart out to you and will show interest in you and put effort into the relationship. They will spend time thinking about the future with you in. If you don’t see a future with this guy, move on before it is too late.

Drops You

If you have plans with a guy and he is always willing to cancel the plans to do something else, chances are he is hurting you and does not want to be with you.

When a guy says things that he knows is painful to you and he is always last minute changing the plans then his intentions are not right, and he is not making you feel safe and secure.

You deserve someone that makes sure that you matter and that puts you first.

Cold and Hot

A user is someone that will manipulate you and act like they are your forever love for one minute and then a few minutes later will be a total and complete jerk. This type of person acts like one day they love you and the next they cannot stand to be in the same room with you.

When a guy uses you, he will take advantage of your feelings so that he can get things out of you and he will neglect you and treat you bad because he knows you will keep coming back.


When a guy likes you, he will want to show you off and let you meet all of his friends. A guy with a serious intention will always be talking about you and thinking of you.

When a guy is just using you, he will hide his feelings for you or act like he does not care for you. He will not pay attention to details about you or he will act different around his friends so that he can look cool.


When a man really loves you, he will be honest and truthful with you. He will want you to trust him and he will be there to look out for you and take care of you. He will be honest about how he feels for you and will be open to you.

A user is someone that will treat you badly or hurt your feelings on purpose. He will not tell you things that have happened and he will hide things from you because you are not important enough to him for him to be honest.

Deep Conversations

A guy that is using you will not want to have deep conversations. When you start talking about things that are important to you, chances are he will shut down and tell you that you are too needy. He will put you down and he will act defensive towards you.

A guy that doesn’t want to be with you will hide his past and will not want to connect with you in a deep way.

Different Ways

When you are with a guy that you like, you will want to go the same direction but a guy that is using you will not care what you are doing or what he is doing because he will not want to devote to you.

He probably doesn’t talk about marriage because he is not interested in it with you because he does not really love you or because he isn’t ready yet. He might want to build a life with you but not at this time and maybe you need to think of letting him go.


When you find that you are disappointed over and over again, chances are the guy is using you and not in love with you. If he never seems to do what he says he will or he is doing other things, he probably does not care for you.

If you find he is emotionally distanced form you or not satisfied with you, maybe he doesn’t love you and he want to move forward with someone else.


A person that is using you will not show up or be there for you when you need them. He will not be responsible for what you need, and he will not care about how good or bad you are doing.

If you are going through a hard time, he will not be there to comfort you or to help you make it through. When you need something, he probably will not find a way to make it happen for you and he will not be compassionate towards you.


When a guy is using you, he will treat you differently than you deserve. He won’t want you to give your time and he will not put the relationship first. He will only care about his own needs and will not treat you or your friends or family with respect.

He will not support things you love to do, and he will not give you the love and respect that you need or want.

You are Unhappy

A man that is using you will make you feel bad about who you are. He doesn’t care about how you feel, and your emotions mean nothing. You get tired of loving him and you feel that all you have is negativity and you don’t even look forward to seeing him or hearing form him anymore.

If he doesn’t make you excited to see him and you always feel sad and worried, chances are you need to get out of the relationship and find someone else to make you happy.

Falling Out of Love

A guy that doesn’t love you will prove this. He will always be promising things to you that will never come true. He will give you false hope and will make you see bad things inside of yourself that normally do not come out.

When you feel that you want to have more time away from him than you have with him then he has become a burden. This happens when guys do not treat women like they feel that they deserve.

When you want to invest less time in the relationship than you have in the past, chances are you are falling out of love and it is time to move on.


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