Crystals for Romance

Crystals can serve many purposes and one of those is to attract or strengthen love and romance. Love and romance can make the heart dance with joy, make the world brighter, and increase joy in numerous ways. Romance can fill you with light, happiness, and joy with such energy that you crave more. We all want this to be part of our lives whether we are in a relationship or simply wanting one. Thankfully, the universe created a way to channel greater love through crystal energy.

There are many different crystals that can provide energy for love and romance, but a few of the favorites have been included here. These are the six most magnetic because 6 is the number of love or the Tiphareth, the heart of the tree of life that represents balance. In order to draw from the power of whichever gem you choose, place them on your heart while laying down as you program them or place them in a power grid.

Learn more about the most magnetic gems below:

Rose Quartz

One of the most powerful crystals for manifesting love is rose quartz. This is a pink gemstone that opens up the Yang energy flow of the heart and allows you to send and receive love openly. Also called the Heart Stone or the Crystal of Unconditional Love, rose quartz is often used in chakra healing of the heart. Representing universal love, rose quartz is a great attractor for love. Though rose quartz comes in all shapes and any will do, a heart is extra special. Keep it with you anywhere, whether in your pocket, wallet, or a special place at home.


The ruby is a noble stone that is the color of passion and perfect for fanning the flames in the bedroom. Ruled by the sun, this gemstone can be traced to a royal lineage and called the King of Precious Stones. This stone is healing especially for the heart and base chakras. Having a ruby nearby is said to increase confidence, courage, and stamina in the bedroom, but also love in the heart.


Romance is a combination of spiritual, emotional, and physical expression, so the garnet helps with sex. Known as the Stone of Health, this potent stone is most associated with the heart and base chakras. The deep red crystal has curative and creative powers that aid the libido and empower the sex drive for you and your lover. Place the garnet under your bed to add fiery energy to your lovemaking sessions.


Called the Stone of the Compassionate Heart, this gemstone is about the tender side of romance and associated with the heart chakra. A soft red-pink, this gemstone has a Yin energy so keep it nearby when mediating on building up your love relationship. Hold onto this stone when writing love letters to someone else or yourself as it can further self-love as well.


The opal is gorgeous with a sparkling rainbow of colors that is thought to attract happiness, love, optimism, and even luck into your love life. Also called the Eye Stone, it is highly attuned to the crown chakra and believed to enhance eye health. This Queen of Gems holds great erotic power that can stimulate love energy simply by looking at it.


The well known diamond is symbolic of committed love. If this precious jewel has not yet been given to you, buy one for yourself. Aligned with the crown chakra, though connected and healing to all chakras, this gemstone is linked to divine love. It is used for balancing, healing, and purifying the brain that blesses romance. This is truly a love bearing gemstone of purity, love eternal, and faithfulness.

Choose the gemstone that you connect to the most and start improving your love life or self-love right away. You deserve the best love in life, make sure to attract it.


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