When He’s Not Interested in You

Women are often frustrated by being in a relationship with a guy that she really isn’t sure if he is into her or not. It is hard because you want to let him make the first move so that you are not pushy but if he isn’t really interested, there is a chance that you are going to be heartbroken.

Women are the worst at wondering if they are right and sometimes, they are too shy to even find out what the guy thinks. Maybe he doesn’t respond back fast enough or maybe she wonders if he is not interested when he really just is not able to pick up the cues.

Whatever the problem is, it can be something that stays on your mind and you will want to know if a guy is really into you or not. You can answer your question by paying attention to the signs that he is giving you and if he is not into you, it is never bad just to have a pal.

Signs He Really Isn’t Interested

One of the first signs to know if a guy is interested is how often he messages or texts you. If a guy likes you, he will take time out of his day to speak to you because he wants to talk to you. He will pay attention to any texts or messages you send him, and he will message you first, often, but he will not want to seem too excited.

If you are the one that is always having to message someone and they do not try to have a conversation with you, that is a sign that they do not like you that way.


Another sign that he is not into you is that he flirts with everyone. A guy that likes you will only flirt with you because he will want you to feel good about who you are and to show you that he likes you.

A guy that flirts with everyone is not going to be too shy to make a first move because he will go after what he wants, so if he has not done that, chances are he is not into you.


When a guy gets attached or likes you, he will become jealous of other guys. If you are interested in a guy and he does not seem to care one way or the other if you talk about other guys or see other guys, chances are he doesn’t like you in that way and he does not have the same feelings that you have.

If he pays attention when you talk about other guys and acts jealous, he could be interested in you, at least a little.

Spending Time

One of the biggest signs that a guy likes you is how much time he wants to spend with you. If a guy likes you, he will try his best to spend time with you and to be around you.

If he feels that he wants to be around you, he will make an effort to go out with you or to hang out with you but if he always is too busy to do something or he just outright refuses, he probably does not have feelings for you beyond friendship.

Other Women

A guy that brings up other women is not very serious about you. He will not talk about his friend that is a lady or he will not talk about her ideas and opinions each time you have a conversation.

If you are only dating him casually, this is different, and you will both take time to see other people, but if he continuously brings up other women or asks you dating advice, he is not wanting to spend a future with you.


When someone likes you, they will listen to everything you say. If you feel that you are having a conversation with someone that seems like they are never listening, chances are you are not the priority in their mind or their life.

A man that is into you will never put you second and he will always listen to everything you say and be part of the conversation. He will be interested in what is happening in your life. If he is present with you when you tell him things, he might like you.


If a guy is into you, he will want you to be part of everything in his life. He will want you to meet his friends and he might even make a plan for you to spend the whole day with people in his life. He will want to show you off.

If you have not met his friends, on the other hand, he might not be as interested in you as you are him.

Your Friends

The same goes with you, if your guy friend does not seem interested in meeting your friends then he probably does not want to form a bonding relationship with you. He might not care about them liking him or he does not value you enough to have to prove who he is to others.

When He Decides

It is hard to put an effort into a relationship where you are the only one that is doing it. If a guy puts everything else in front of his time besides you, chances are he is not interested in spending time with you and that means that he probably isn’t interested in you.

A guy that likes you will compromise his time and he will give up things that he likes to do so that he can spend time with you instead.

Other Signs

Some other common signs that he is not that into you includes:

  • Not making eye contact.
  • Bad body language.
  • He doesn’t try to talk to you.
  • He replies to texts short.
  • He doesn’t call after a date.
  • He doesn’t care about impressing you.
  • You don’t know personal things about him.
  • He doesn’t ask you private questions.
  • He treats you like everyone else in his life.
  • He is distracted by other things besides you.
  • You don’t feel that he is into you.


We all have a gut feeling for a reason and if you feel that your guy is not that into you, take the time to review your relationship and figure out what you really want. If you are honest with yourself, find out if you are only in the relationship for a future with him or if you are fine being friends.

If you find that you believe the guy is into you but you think he is just afraid to make the first move, take time to try to get him more interested in you and things you love and see if he makes more of an effort.


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