Not Being Over Your Ex

Most people have been in situations where they feel that their partner is not really completely over their ex. Thought we do not like to admit it, there are signs that you can see in your partner to know if they are really over their ex or not. These are not signs that are completely seen, many times they are subtle but if you pay attention, it might allow you to figure out if you want to move forward even if they are still in love with someone else.

Here are some signs that your partner is still in love with their ex:


When you are with someone that loves you, they are always present with you. If you find that you are spending time with your partner and it seems that their mind is always elsewhere, this can be a sign that they are thinking about someone else.

Being preoccupied does not always mean that they are thinking about their ex, but if you feel that you are distanced from your partner and you are not really close like you think you should be, this could mean they are thinking of them.

Defend Their Ex

If your partner feels that he or she always needs to defend their ex if they come up in conversation, this probably means they are not over them. When they go out of their way to defend their ex for no reason, this is a sign.

Bring Them Up

You have no reason to talk about your partners ex and they have no reason to defend them. If your partner is always wanting to bring up their ex, this is a big sign that they are not over them. They might try to tell you all the wonderful restaurants they ate at or different fun activities that they did together.

If your partner cannot have a conversation without talking about their ex, chances are they are still hung up on them. Their ex should not always be a part of their story, especially if their story is now with you.


You want to be with someone that feels the same about you as you do about them. If your partner is not wanting to commit to you, there has to be a reason.

This is something that you should consider a red flag. There could be baggage from their past relationship that they are bringing to this new relationship. If they do not want to commit because of a bad breakup, this can prove that they are not ready to heal or to connect with you at a deeper level.

This could happen because they are still hooked on their ex. It is hard to really understand why your partner does not want to commit but if you are with them and you are ready to make the next move, them hesitating with you because of a past relationship can mean they are still trying to move forward.


When you fall in love with someone and you are with them for a while, there are new routines and new things that you will do together. You will celebrate differently, and you will have traditions that become accustomed to you. If you find that your partner is wanting to do traditions that he and his ex-did, chances are he is still thinking about her.

When you partner wants to do specific things that he did with his ex, this is a bad sign. He should be wanting to make new memories with you rather than recreating the same memories he had with his ex.


Having boundaries is important in any relationship, especially where exes are involved. If your partner is not over their ex, they might not be able to set boundaries with their ex.

If your partner loves you and they show you they are not over their ex, this can mean that they will continue to stay in contact with their ex and they are afraid of the boundaries that you want to set for them.

Social Media

Your partner should not be forced to delete all of the pictures and posts that he had with his ex but if he is always looking at them or liking pictures on his exes page, chances are this is a true sign he is not over her.


When someone is making excuses to bump into their ex or to contact them on social media or the phone, this likely means that they have not moved on. They might want to have closure, but they are still doing things to keep their ex in the picture.

If your partner feels that they need to stay in touch with their ex, they are not fully committed to you and they have not gotten over their ex.

If your partner is showing signs that they are still connected with their ex, figure out what you want in your relationship and how much you should really invest.

If you want the relationship to move forward, you have to talk to your partner and find out why they are still talking and thinking of their ex. You must be forward in what you ask and question their behavior. If they have not moved on, it is important that you point this out because you need to protect your emotions.

It will be hard to be in a relationship with someone that will not be able to commit to you because their heart belongs to someone else. People that go through this kind of relationship problem needs to really find out if it is something they want to keep pushing or if it is better to walk away.


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