What is a Kindred Spirit and What Makes You Think You Have One?

Have you been with someone or have you heard someone being called a kindred spirit? This is showing affection for someone, but not everyone knows what this saying means.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits are people that have the same thoughts and are soul linked. They have instant connections with each other, and they love and respect one another. The connection is one that is hard to describe in words.

People that have the same values or interests might be seen as kindred spirits. This is more spiritual than physical, and they seem to share the same vibrational frequency that their partner does. Their energies match and they are able to have strong bonds with each other and stay close no matter what.

This could be a very deep friendship or lover or even someone that you just met at the super market. This will be someone that you are instantly drawn to and you probably will not even know why. You will have an instant connection with a kindred spirit.

Signs of Meeting a Kindred Spirit

There are some signs that you might have met your kindred spirit:


This person that you meet will be so like you that they will help you to be calm and at peace in life. It will be like you have met someone that instantly understands you.


Your kindred spirit will have a lot in common with you and it will almost feel like you have met your own self. You will share the same strange personality, values, and ideas. Chances are other people will not get you even when you and your kindred spirit get each other.

Learn About You

Kindred spirits come along in life to teach us more about who we are. They will remind you of who you are and who you are meant to be. They will show you who you should be and will mirror your actions and help you to find your purpose.

Same Ideas

Along with sharing the same interests, you and your kindred spirits will have the same feelings about things. You will share different ideas and goals and you will learn to know each other and will always be honest with each other.

What They Think

Since you see them so similar to you, you will know what your kindred spirit is going to say before they even speak. You will always know what they are feeling too.

Knowing Them

When you meet your kindred spirit, it will be like you have known this person for your whole life. You will feel that you have met them before, and you will be excited to have this person in your life.


Your kindred spirit will help you to make good decisions and will support you in all of your goals and your life ideas. They will coach you and be there for you because they will always understand you.

Kindred Spirits and Soulmates

A kindred spirit and a soulmate will be different than each other. A kindred spirit will be like you and a soulmate will most likely be opposite to you.

Soulmates will have a long history and past lives with you, but a kindred spirit might be someone that you met for the first time.

When you have your soulmate, they will be a part of your everyday life and they will always influence your life. Kindred spirits are there and will only be there for a while.

Falling in Love

Kindred spirits can fall in love but sometimes a kindred spirit is not a romantic feeling. They are people that come into your life that you share things with and you are drawn with each other. This could be because you want to meet someone that is kind and caring and where you can have a light relationship without things having to be hard.

Kindred spirits are there to help you and to be by your side and even though you can fall in love, most of the time this will just be friendships.

No matter if you fall in love with your kindred spirit or not, you will be able to work on who you are with this person. They will come together to help you be better, and they will show up when you need them. This will be someone that you connect deeply with right away.

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