5 Reasons Why Women Cheat Too and Ways to Prevent It

When it comes to infidelity, men are the usual suspects. It’s a well-known fact that guys are more likely to cheat than women, but that doesn’t change the fact that women cheat too. What is interesting is that the reasons why women cheat are more complex than the reasons of unfaithful men. So, have you ever wondered why women cheat? If so, keep reading.

In an effort to find out what drives a woman to secretly fall into the arms of someone new, I gathered information from women of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. The results below are your key to understanding the bewildering subject of women and infidelity-from the reasons behind the cheating to the ways you can prevent it.

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

1. Revenge/Resentment

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” You’ve heard that saying, right? Well, apparently it’s truer than most people realize.

The most common (by far) reason women give for cheating is payback. Even a woman who is normally faithful in relationships may be likely to cheat if she’s heartbroken. Her way of “getting you back” may be taboo, but that doesn’t mean she won’t do it. An unhealthy build-up of resentment and bitterness may be just enough to push your wife or girlfriend to do things that are out of character for her.

Let’s clarify something here: “Revenge cheating” isn’t limited to payback for you cheating on her. A woman who is angry, bitter, and fed up with you about other failures in the relationship is just as likely to cheat as a woman who’s been cheated on.

The best way to prevent this cheating scenario is to reconcile issues that arise in your relationship. Never leave problems unresolved, allowing them to fester. Why not? Women often interpret your unwillingness to address their concerns as evidence that you don’t care enough. With time, she will become increasingly bitter. And that’s the ultimate recipe for infidelity. If you want to keep your woman faithful, show her that you care enough to make sure her heart is not in agony.

2. Quest for romance and intimacy

Although many women fall in love with courtship and the romance that comes with it, it is common for the wooing to die off after a long-term relationship or marriage ensues. Well guess what…there are plenty of guys out there hoping for an opportunity to romance your lady if you won’t do it. And there are, unfortunately, many women cheating with Mr. Romantic. He’ll shower her with flowers, kisses, compliments, and nights on the town while you complain about not having time.

In addition to romance, women seek intimacy. The problem is that in relationships, a man’s idea of intimacy and closeness is very different from a woman’s. You may want sex, but she wants loving foreplay first. She wants to hold hands, but you want to smack her on the butt. She wants to be held, you want to have sex. She wants to lie lovingly in your arms, you want to watch football. She wants to cuddle after sex, you want to go to sleep. Neither your desires nor your wife or girlfriend’s desires are wrong. However, it’s important to have a little give and take if you don’t want her to be taken by someone else.

Don’t wait around for some new guy to flatter her, treat her like a princess, hold her hand and sweep her off her feet. Then you’ll be searching for help with how to get your ex back.  It’s much easier and less painful to save your relationship from infidelity before it starts.

Even if you’ve been married 30 years, continue to do the little things you did to get her in the first place. A little bit of romance and intimacy can be the difference between having a happy wife or a cheating wife.

3. Feeling Unappreciated, Unloved, or Undesired

Instead of being unfaithful because they’ve fallen out of love, most women cheat because they no longer feel loved in returned. They are emotionally starved.

When a woman feels unloved, unappreciated, or taken for granted, she’s extremely vulnerable. She may feel lonely, even though she’s not alone. She may act out as a result of the insecurity that she feels about your feelings for her and about the relationship as a whole.

If your actions (or inaction) tell your wife or girlfriend that she doesn’t matter to you, the relationship is in big trouble. A woman who feels that she doesn’t matter to you is more likely to cheat on you with someone who shows her that she does indeed matter.

This cheating scenario is definitely preventable. If you love your wife or girlfriend, remember to show her in every way. Show her that you appreciate her, desire her, and want to make her happy. Remember to say thank you, using your words and your actions. Remember to value her and provide the sense of security that she’s seeking.

4. Preparing for Breakup

A somewhat surprising reason women cheat is because it’s over in her heart. Rather than ending the relationship upon being fed up, some women cheat as part of a break up plan. If she is emotionally immature, the reason may be because she’s not comfortable with being alone. She wants to test the waters with someone new, find comfort in some else’s arms, get her needs met, and begin a new journey. She’s ready to move on; however, she doesn’t want to let you go in case things with this new guy don’t work out.

A woman who is emotionally mature will typically not choose this path, so the best way to safeguard your heart against this pre-breakup cheating is to choose a woman who isn’t too insecure to be alone. Also, it is important to address the issues in your relationship. If things aren’t going well and you’re drifting apart, talk about it so that you’re both on the same page about where the relationship is headed.

5. Long-term sexual dissatisfaction

We don’t usually hear a lot about women cheating primarily for sexual reasons. However, sex may be a driving factor when the woman cheating is extremely dissatisfied for a long period of time. This issue may come up in situations like the following: you’re unwilling to learn how to satisfy her; you’re opposed to oral sex, foreplay, or other sexual acts that she strongly desires; sex doesn’t last long enough for her to reach orgasm; you’re less skilled at sexual pleasure than her previous lover(s); you’re not interested in having sex as often as she desires it.

To ward off the chances of women cheating due to sexual dissatisfaction, make sure to openly discuss your sex life with each other. Don’t assume that she’s completely satisfied just because you think she reaches orgasm. There is always room for improvement, so try not to let your ego get in the way here. Find out what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and what she wants you to improve upon. Also, avoid getting defensive as she tries to communicate her sexual needs to you. It’s important for a woman to know that you are dedicated to satisfying her and that you’re open to suggestions. Isn’t it better that she tells you what she wants rather than sneaking around to get it from someone else?

In addition to cheating, there are many reasons that relationships fail. You can’t possibly get all the answers from one article. I hope you’ll come back to the site often for more tips on how to fix your relationship problems before it’s too late.

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