Not Getting Attached in a Halfway Relationship

Not Getting Attached in a Halfway Relationship

A halfway relationship is a balance relationship where you are not fully committed and there are no strings but that there is partial commitment.  This is where you have fun, talk on the phone, go places together, have dinner and have fun sex.

You both don’t stop anything special that you are doing, you just do whatever is fun at the time.  Is there a bad side to this?  The bad thing would be if you fall in love because the relationship is not serious.  What about if you ask the other person about this, would the stay with you or leave you?

If you decide that you are having fun and you don’t care about the relationship being serious, there are specific rules that you need to set for them and yourself.


You need to make sure that there are boundaries even at the beginning of the relationship.  You need to make things clear from the beginning and communicate with your partner what the limits are.  These limits might not be necessary, but they can be if your relationship ends up being short term.

Let your partner know what you are thinking and what the value system is, what makes you mad and what makes you happy and what you desire.

Understand that they have needs to and meet in the middle.  Make sure both of you set rules and boundaries for each other.  It is not healthy to have a relationship like this without boundaries.

Say No

Learn to say no if you want to or if you disapprove of something.  Make sure that you meet your partners needs but if they cross the boundary, learn to say no.  Take responsibility for saying no and keeping things right.


Make sure that you do not have high expectations for a relationship that is a halfway relationship.  Do not aim to commit with each other and behave as if you aren’t.  If it is decided later, you need to wait for it and until then, have strict boundaries.  Know if you are allowed to flirt and if you can kiss other people if you want to.

If you both decide to date other people, then you cannot be jealous if this happens.  Make sure you state what you expect in your conversations so there are no questions later.

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