Ways to Move on from Love

Ways to Move on from Love

When you get to a place where you have to let go of someone you love, it is hard.  You cannot imagine yourself without that person and this is why people that have broken relationships sometimes have strong depression situations. Sometimes, they even commit suicide.

You have to fight the pain and learn to move on because your life is a good thing and you need to live it.

There are ways that you can learn to move on and here are some tips:


Fight for the person that you love until you cannot fight anymore.  If you love them, don’t give up on them no matter how much you fight or how mad they make you.  Try your best to save your relationship.

Accept It

If you cannot work out your problems and you and your ex break up, accept that it has happened and learn to move on.  These are relationships that cannot always be restored.  Don’t deny that it happened, just accept it.


Just think that if you and your ex are meant to be that he or she will come back.  Accept that they are gone but know that there are always possibilities if things are meant to be.

Let Go

Try to let go of things such as memories that remind you of him or her.  Get rid of things that your ex gave you and don’t go to places that were your places to hang.

Find More

Find other areas of your life that are important like family and friends.  Focus on becoming more successful and find something that can make your life better.  Don’t focus on things that are bad but focus on bettering yourself.

Get Rid of Social Media

Take a break of social media after a breakup.  This can help you not to be on your ex’s page and will help you not to be tempted to see what he or she is doing or how you are missing them.

Stop Communicating

You don’t have to go and communicate with your ex’s family or friends.  Stay away from them for a while and give yourself time to heal.  Don’t go to them and tell them your problems or talk about your ex because if you ever get back together, he or she might hold this against you.


Find someone to talk to about your feelings and how you are doing.  Find friends that can help you by lending you a listening ear.

Don’t Rush Things

Sometimes when people break up, they think that they need to immediately find someone else.  Don’t do this.  Take time to do you and to find something in your life that has meaning besides a relationship.

Don’t Be Alone

Get with your friends and family and find something fun to do.  Don’t sit around your house depressed and alone but find some hobbies to do with people you love.

Be Active

Join a club or a gym and be physically active.  Do regular exercise which is enjoyable, and this can take your mind off of things in your life and your ex.

Focus on Others

Find people to focus on that could use your help.  Take care of others and help those that are going through rough times.

Love Yourself

Besides your friends and family, the most important person that you can love is yourself.  Learn to pamper yourself and to love yourself and not to be so hard on yourself when things aren’t perfect.


Find things you love to do.  Find things that you are passionate about and do them.  If you like playing sports, do that or if you like working on things, be passionate about that.

Be Happy for Your Ex

Don’t be upset if your ex is happy. If you love them, you will want them to be happy because love is not about yourself.  You should not be self-seeking, and you should want the best for them.

Be Happy

Make a conscious effort to be happy. Sometimes things cannot be avoided and when situations happen, learn to be happy anyways.  Happiness is really a choice.


There really are other things besides being in a relationship.  Do not ever allow the pain of a breakup to stop you from living.  You have much more in life ahead of you and you need to move on, not just for yourself, but to help others long your journey.

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