Quotes about Relationships and True Love

True Love Quotes About Relationships

Please enjoy these beautiful quotes about relationships and love. May they bring great joy, pleasure and appreciation to your life and your relationships. Today and always…I wish you true love.
relationship quotesThis quote about relationships reminds us that loving someone means accepting them as they are rather than attempting to make them more like you. Strengthen your relationship through acceptance and mutual respect for the differences that make you perfectly unique.

save your relationshipThis relationship quote reminds us that we attract people into our lives based on lessons that we must learn in order to grow.  Even the worst relationships teach us lessons and force us to face those things about ourselves that we may want to shift.

A happy, healthy relationship is one in which we can safely be who we are and speak our truths without judgment.

This quote about relationships reminds us that the greatest gift we can ever give someone is absolutely priceless.  You can’t buy it, yet it’s worth more than anything else in the world.  That gift is the way we show love. Nothing that can be purchased could ever compare.

relationship quotesThe most heartfelt relationship quotes address the depths of love in its deepest, purest form.  This quote reminds us of the meaning of that bond.

Quotes about mature love remind us to look beyond infatuation and attachment.  When we refuse to settle for less than a healthy relationship, we send a message to ourselves that true love is worth waiting for.

Jealousy cannot live in the midst of a healthy relationship. The very essence of true love is one of respect, freedom, trust and lightness.  This quote reminds us that such a love does not coexist with possessive infatuation.

There are no perfect relationships.  As this relationship quote reminds us, loving someone means both facing and overcoming challenges.  Through good times and bad, true love remains steadfast.

Holding on to the past can ruin an otherwise happy love relationship.  The same is true of worrying about the future.  This quote reminds us that relationships grow by nurturing the present moment and giving our all in it.

Love is not just something you feel, it is something you do.  Love, is a verb. That is the essence of this relationship quote.  It reminds us to love through actions that say, “Yes, I really do love you.”

William Shakespeare’s words remind us that even the most physically beautiful lover in the world will change with time. Yet, that beauty is not what sustains love.  True love sees the ever present beauty that lies beneath the surface.

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