Ways of Walking Out of a relationship

Ways of Walking Out of a relationship even if everything is Okay

Other times, everything’s just okay but something isn’t just right.

  • Breaking up with your partner just from nowhere can be frustrating to both of you.
  • Before moving out of a relationship, make sure that’s your final decision.

This usually happens to everyone. You feel like you are not happy anymore in a relationship that you once thrilled about.

You and your partner now fight over things that you once appreciated about him or her. Their behaviors that attracted you towards them are now annoying you. It’s true that relationships do end and people do break up.

You can break up with your partner due to a number of reasons; it doesn’t necessarily have to be arguments or any kind of negative interactions. It can be anytime, even at that time that everything is calm.

In any case, you need a break from your relationship and feel like your partner will be surprised; you can do the following for that break up to be successful without fighting.

Take time and think if indeed this is what you want

Think hard if you really want to move out of that relationship. There are a number of things that will make it difficult for you to end the relationship, especially if you shared long-lasting memories and moments together and there is no any pickup line you might use to instigate a fight. Therefore, you need to rethink if this is the right thing to do.

Psychology Toda says that you need to ask yourself very essential questions such as, have you done your best to make this relationship work? Or you are just being selfish, or maybe you are already in a relationship with someone else? You shouldn’t play with people’s feelings because there are people who are genuine and have genuine feelings as well.

Plan well and consider the logistics of your break-up

Jaggar international says that before you move out of a relationship you need to consider the logistics of your relationship especially if you stay with that individual you’re breaking up with. I bet you wouldn’t love leaving your partner barehanded.

If you stay with your partner and you have children, you should at least arrange on how rent is going to be paid and knows your belongings. If any of you wants to move out then give each other time to relocate. The fact that you are breaking up does not mean you throw the other person into the streets.

Sit Down and have a healthy talk

After making a final decision, you now have to say what you want. Let your partner know your thoughts and how you can move on.

Don’t blame or use vulgar language towards them, especially on things they may have done in the past. This is not the time to open old wounds but a time to reflect on how you can move forward.

Decide and move on with the break-up

After speaking with your partner, you’re now free to move on with your plans. It might be the hardest decision you’ve made but just do it kindly. It’s not going to be easy between you two since you’re the one who wanted the breakup, therefore, you shouldn’t talk for some time. You can decide to unfollow each other from social media platforms if that will make you get over the breakup. Since your decision might have surprised your partner, make sure you are there to offer support. Nobody wants to move out of a relationship when they are not ready.

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