Why can’t your soulmate find you

Why can’t your soulmate find you?

If you have ever had problems finding a long term relationship, you may wonder what the universe has against you. It could be that you are subconsciously rejecting your chance for love.

First let’s define what a true love or soulmate is:  a soulmate is a person who is attracted to your pure essence or soul. A relationship with someone who you are connected to in this way is deeply rewarding. This kind of relationship was decided before you were born.

If you haven’t found this soulmate, there a few a few things to consider:

1) You’re not being your true self.

So many of us say that we want someone  to love us for who we really are, but do we even know who that really is?  The true self is our best representation of infinite love. If you don’t know what that means, you are probably not living your true self.

2) You may be attracting the wrong people.

Why can’t your soulmate find you

Because a your soulmate will be drawn to your true self, if you are not being who you really are, the wrong people will be drawn to this false self. Almost everyone has repressed who they really are.  This repression is sending out the wrong type of energy. This energy is blocking the signals from your soul.This is pulling the wrong people to you.

3) Your subconscious is blocking your soul signal.

In your formative years, your subconscious was created. At this time, your brain is in a hypnotic state.  In this site we pull everything around into our energy. This includes attitudes, habits and behaviors. The true you is not there.

4) You can’t break away from the pattern of past relationships

Your relationships follow a pattern that is made up of  the beliefs that were absorbed in your childhood.  This creates a defense mechanism to keep you from getting hurt. Since it is so deeply ingrained, it keeps you locked in a pattern and it doesn’t reflect who you really are inside.

5) Most of the time you are not in your right mind.

It has been proven through neuroscience that many of us  ignore our conscious mind 90% of the time.  During this 90% we are simply going through the motions of our lives. repeating patterns and ignoring lessons learned. These automatic responses keep you from reacting as you true self

6) You may not be in the right place.

You can only find your soulmate if you aren’t in a place where your true self can feel at home. Be true to yourself  and do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Chances are good  that this is where your soulmate will find you.the same passion and purpose.

7) Your are more comfortable with the familiar.

While you and your conscious mind wants a soulmate, your subconscious is comfortable with the familiar.   Even when you have found your true self and are ready for your soulmate, your ego is deeply programmed to react in a certain way. Your ego doesn’t know the lessons you have learned.

If you are serious about finding your soulmate, consider these things before completely throwing in the towel.

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